Lady Survives Being Kidnapped By Uber Driver.

Lady Survives Being Kidnapped By Uber Driver

As cases of Uber drivers mishandling and harassing their clients and particularly female clients pile up, another case happened 48hrs ago when a young woman jumped out of a moving vehicle.

The driver of the Uber only so far identified as Akitwine is reported to have tried to drive the lady away from her destination.

The lady however, managed to jump out of the fast moving vehicle around Tosha Petrol station in Najjera. This happened on the 8th of November at around 3:30am local time in Uganda.

The lady who was able to jump out of the fast moving car sustained serious injuries and managed to make a complaint to Uber immediately. She has however not been given a definitive response by the Uber offices.

All efforts have been made to get an immediate action from Uber but so far all that has been received is automated responses from both the official app and social media pages particularly Twitter.

According to the victim, the Uber driver attempted to change her route which seemed suspicious to her

Uber driver tries to harm client.
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Uber says that it is carrying out investigations to get to the bottom of the matter and states that an action will be taken and that they are currently in touch with the driver.

Another lady, Ahamya Sandra cited a scenario where the driver asked her if he could get off the app which was suspicious to her to which she said no.

Recently, another person spoke about how on several occasions she has ordered for a ride only to find that the driver doesn’t match the profile that is provided on the app.

A friend of the victim went to Twitter to usher out her complaints against Uber’s customer service and safety


So, what exactly is Uber doing to protect it’s clients because as it stands, it would seem that it is protecting it’s driver partners even in the midst of several clients making complaints.

In 2018, the company introduced a safety toolkit met to protect riders during their journeys having features such as safety centre which offers you driver background checks to details on how to contact our 24/7 support, ability to share your trip with trusted contacts and also speed alerts.

The other question that would come to mind is what is Uganda Police Force together with the ministry of Transport and Works doing to ensure that online transport apps pay more attention to the safety of it’s citizens.

One would think that in light of recent events where kidnaps and killings have been on a rise, the Police and government in general would look into ensuring that transport hailing Apps are checked and monitored on regular basis to ensure that the citizens are protected.


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Lady Survives Being Kidnapped By Uber Driver 2

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