Kenya's President Uhuru Rejects Gay Agenda At Global Population Conference 1

Kenya’s President Uhuru Rejects Gay Agenda At Global Population Conference

Kenya has recently been in the news for both the right and wrong reasons but when it comes to the gay rights, it would seem that Kenya has been on the wrong side of things according to Activists.

Kenya was one of the first countries in Africa and East Africa to denounce gay activities in the country describing them as activities against their culture.

Kenya who are currently set to host the International conference on global population now also find themselves on the fences after their president stated that they will listen to comments but will be firm in rejecting the suggestions.

It is widely believed that human rights activists and particularly gay rights activists and safe abortion activists were planning to use the conference to lobby the government to allow gay activities in Kenya and also include them in the constitution so as to protect gays in a country where majority have been beaten harmfully or been killed.

Kenya's President Uhuru Rejects Gay Agenda At Global Population Conference 2
Kenya’s gay activists are planning to continue with pushing for gay rights. (Image Credit: Voice of America)

Kenya will host the population conference “but will not accept practices that are at conflict with our cultures,” President Uhuru Kenyatta has said.

Kenyatta reiterated Kenya’s stand to protect cultural norms by not allowing any practices that will be seen devaluing traditions of various local communities.

It is understood that the President was referring to the push by reproductive health activists for legal abortion and homosexual rights during the conference.

“We will welcome the visitors Nairobi. We will be there and we will listen. But will be firm in rejecting what we do not agree with,” he said.

“We have a stand,” he said, adding that “But on things that do not conform with our cultures and religion, we will firmly reject,” he told the gathering attended by UNFPA country director Ademola Olajide and western diplomats.

President Kenyatta has been quoted many times rejecting total inclusion of homosexuals in the constitution.

Kenya’s High Court on May 24, 2019 upheld laws criminalizing homosexual acts between consenting adults.

Despite all this, there have been several countries in Africa that have made huge strides in welcoming the gays into their countries and communities and also putting across policies to protect them from any possible harm. Angola issued a revised penal code that no longer punished so-called “vices against nature.” Other African countries that have revoked anti-homosexuality laws through penal code reform in recent years include Seychelles, Mozambique, Sao Tome and Principe, and Lesotho. Botswana’s High Court is scheduled to hear a case in June, on the constitutionality of laws that make same-sex intimacy a crime.

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Kenya's President Uhuru Rejects Gay Agenda At Global Population Conference 3

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