London has revoked Uber's license because of security reasons for clients.

Uber To Scrap Off Rides Past 11PM

In the recent past, there have been many cases of client harassment by Uber riders that is boda and Uber X. So many people lodged complaints about how they were cheated and mishandled by the associate drivers and riders.

Most notable are those that happen at night where clients claimed that they had been cheated or beaten by the riders while either heading home or to their destinations.

So in light of the many complaints, it seems that Uber has chosen to take drastic measures to ensure that they protect their clients and their brand. The company has decided that they will no longer have the boda ride option past the hour of 11:00 PM so as to protect their clients and their brand.

Uber To Scrap Off Rides Past 11PM 1
Uber Boda will now only be functional between 6:00 AM and 11:00PM

This is what Uber had to say after they made the decision to scrap off all boda rides from 11:00 PM onward.

“In light of the emerging safety concerns affecting Boda Boda riders and drivers during night time, we are making a proactive safety approach to turn off the Uber Boda vehicle option between 11 pm to 6 am daily, starting 19 August 2019 until further notice.

Your safety is our priority and we are working to introduce features and initiatives that give you peace of mind during each Uber trip.

Heading for a night out, evening dinner or leaving work late, we have you covered. The UberX (cars) option will continue to be active 24/7 and you can continue to enjoy affordable, reliable, and convenient rides around Kampala at any time.”

“Important note: This change will only affect our Uber BODA product and UberX (cars) will continue to operate as normal.” The company insisted.

Uber To Scrap Off Rides Past 11PM 2
So many clients complained about being harassed by the riders.

We now wait to see if this will make the services better. The question that now remains is what will Uber do in order to protect its clients who are being violated by drivers on Uber X.


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Uber To Scrap Off Rides Past 11PM 3

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