Aston Martin Builds Its Own Cool Motorcycle 1

Aston Martin Builds Its Own Cool Motorcycle

Aston Martin, the British sport and luxury car manufacturer known for its good looking and expensive vehicles teamed up luxurious motorcycle manufacturer Brough Superior to create a limited-edition track-only sports bike.

Being that Aston Martin and Brough Superior are both historic British brands, it’s no surprise that when news broke out on their joint project to build a sports bike we were anxiously waiting to see what the two companies will be cooking up and to say the least, we weren’t disappointed.

The new 180 horsepower AMB 001 motorcycle is a beauty of imaginable proportions given that Aston Martin and Brough Superior are well known for their stunning designs.

The AMB 001 features design elements from the brand’s chief creative officer and studio head Marek Reichman, combining a series of streamlined, sportish looking body panels inspired by the car maker’s grand-touring coupes.

Apart from that, it also features perforated Aston Martin leathers, carbon fiber bodywork, billet aluminum and titanium components, and signature Sterling Green paint with Lime Essence trim highlights.

Looking at the AMB 001, it seems like a dream come true as it gives off a dystopian science fiction vibe embodying a pure perfection of adrenaline, style and speed.

Aston Martin and Brough Superior’s AMB 001 engine is capable of producing 180 horsepower

Aston Martin Builds Its Own Cool Motorcycle
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Every single piece and part of the AMB 001 bike will be hand-assembled at Brough’s motorcycle factory in Toulouse, France with the first release to be fitted with a turbocharged V-twin motor engine that produces 180 horsepower which is more than any other production bike since most of them are below 100.

The motorcycle also has a digital display that shows the bike’s speed and other information. With an overall mass of just within 400 pounds (181.437 kilograms) in weight and excellent power-to-weight ratio, it should offer any rider a fun experience.

There is a catch though, only 100 of these babies will be made with each costing a whopping $120,000 (443,734,200 million shillings).

Apart from motorcycles, Aston Martin has been known for venturing into unexpectedly weird and surprising projects. It has designed an apartment building, a yacht, a drone, and a submarine. God only knows what they’re plotting next after this.

Brough Superior

Brough Superior goes way back starting from the 1900’s when motorcycles, sidecars, and motor cars were made by George Brough in his Brough Superior works on Haydn Road in Nottingham, England, from 1919 to 1940.

Brough Superior SS100
The Brough Superior SS100.

Since then, approximately 3048 motorcycles (19 models) were made in the 21 years of production with about a third of that production still in existence.

In 2008, vintage motorcycle enthusiast Mark Upham acquired the rights to the Brough Superior name and later in 2013 met with motorcycle designer Thierry Henriette to come up with a prototype of the companies SS100 bike.

Now that Aston Martin and Brough Superior are working together, let’s hope their next project will involve a mass production sports bike everyone can own at least since their SMB 001 is a limited edition.


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Aston Martin Builds Its Own Cool Motorcycle 2

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