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Users Angered by Microsoft After It Charges Them for Old Hotmail and Outlook Emails

It seems the pandemic has caused some companies to become savages, as reports state that Microsoft recently sent out messages to all its long-term users of its Hotmail and Outlook email services warning them that they are nearing their storage limit.

In 2013, Microsoft retired its Hotmail service, migrating all its users to, while allowing them to keep their old Hotmail addresses but now, there’s been a twist as users are going to have to pay for extra storage space soon.

During the migration in 2013, Microsoft also added 15GB worth of storage space to all user accounts but now suddenly, a lot of Hotmail users found themselves in shock after they found messages alerting them that they were over the limit and will no longer be able to send or receive emails.

The messages also stated that, until the users deleted older emails to free up space, they would have no choice but to sign up to Microsoft’s 365, which offers more storage capacity than the free 15GB for $69.99 a year.

This only angered the users, who took action by voicing out their concerns over the sudden shift via various online platforms who felt they were being cheated by the big tech company.

One should note that paying for Microsoft’s 365 grants you access to a wide range of applications under the Office suite software like Word and much more, but this is only viable for those that can afford it. What makes most users angry is that they were given no option. One either upgrades to 365 or stops using their Hotmail.

So, technically, if you don’t need or don’t use the Microsoft 365 Office suite, then there is no need for one to keep using a service that has been rendered useless to them over limited storage space. If the company doesn’t handle the situation well, it could lose many users in a short time.

What’s next then for Hotmail users?

According to Tech Radar, even though Microsoft is entirely in the right by reminding people of the terms they agreed to, many users are taking issue with the fact that they hadn’t been warned about the limit in the eight years it’s been in place, and many people are now being told they are over the limit after years of being over.

Reports by Daily Express indicate that are large sections of users who are over the 15GB limit have suddenly been locked out and can’t send or receive emails until they delete older ones for that matter.

One can argue that Microsoft isn’t in the wrong as it warned the users beforehand, and the fact that many already were aware of the agreed terms regarding the storage limit on their accounts. Meaning they were responsible for ensuring that they don’t exceed it. However, since people weren’t aware of the new limit or had simply forgotten about it after the migration in 2o13 is what’s brought on the arguments.

Aside from that, Microsoft didn’t send out any reminders or warnings to its users regarding the limit of their storage until recently, which only calls for alarm.

Regardless of who is to blame, the angry Hotmail and Outlook users are now left with no option but to start considering the idea of signing up for 365 if they want to keep their old emails.


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Users Angered by Microsoft After It Charges Them for Old Hotmail and Outlook Emails 1

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