Agent Confirms that Aaron Ramsey is Set to Leave Arsenal in the Summer

Aaron Ramsey will be leaving Arsenal in the summer after contract talks collapsed, the confirmation comes after his agency let the secret slip during a conversation with a fan on Twitter.

Ramsey will be a free agent in the summer with Arsenal open to offers during the January transfer window rather than allowing him to leave for free come summer.

The Welsh international and the club had been in negotiations over a possible new deal but the club made a conclusion that the midfielder won’t be featuring in the clubs plans.

The news was confirmed by the player’s representatives, Avid Sports & Entertainment Group, during a Twitter exchange with an Arsenal supporter which tweets have since been deleted.

Ramsey will no longer be a member of the Arsenal team from either January should any team come calling or in the summer. (Image Credit: Fox Sports)

Avid shared a picture of Ramsey posing on a private jet after he became the ambassador for an aviation company: “Delighted to broker this deal for @aaronramsey”

Arsenal supporter @afccharlie replied to the tweet by saying: “Probably a bit muggy to announce this at the moment. Don’t you think. Prob be best to just get on the plane and jog on for good I reckon.”

Avid asked “why?” in response to which Charlie explained: “You got thousands of fans wanting to hear something on Ramsey. Whatever happens behind the scenes shouldn’t be discussed as people don’t know – fair enough.

Ramsey has been finding it good to play in the new system set out by Unai Emery was hoping to continue for more years before contract talks died. (Image Credit: Metro)

“But announcing something like that now is only gonna annoy people. Do you not think. Honestly?”

Avid then responded in which they broke the details: “There is nothing we can do Charlie, the club made a decision. Life goes on.”

The supporter then tweeted back: “Your [sic] right it does. Wish Aaron all the best for future if he does decide to go. Given us some good memoirs. But Alexis [Sanchez at Manchester United] has shown grass ain’t always greener.”

Avid then wrote: “You’re right it isn’t always greener and he didn’t want to leave, but now there is no other option.”

Ramsey’s agents have since deleted all of their responses.

This confirmation that the Welsh international will be leaving the Emirates stadium come January or Summer will put some of the big clubs that were interested in his services on a high alert.

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