Telegram Users Rise Up to 400 Million - Newslibre

Telegram Users Rise Up to 400 Million

Popular messaging up Telegram has seen it’s numbers of users rise from 300 million from a year a go to 400 Million as of today. This is a massive jump for the Russian owned messaging app.

Wildly known for being the biggest advocate for user privacy, Telegram was started 2013 and hasn’t really been able to match up in numbers with WhatsApp but in the past few months Telegram is catching up.

What New Things Has Telegram Added on to the Platform?

After introducing quizzes earlier this year, Telegram is now making it possible to add educational features to these quizzes. After a quiz question is answered, it’s now possible to display a message explaining the correct answer, with the goal of not only testing, but also spreading knowledge.

Telegram Users Rise Up to 400 Million - Newslibre
Telegram will be giving away 400,000 Euros to creators of educational kits. (Image Credit: poynter)

To take this further, Telegram is offering up to €400,000 to creators of original educational tests in light of the current conditions around the world. Tests can be created on any subject, difficulty level, and language, and media can be used in the questions at will, as long as intellectual property rights are respected. Submitted tests will be available in a searchable directory for people to find, and the Telegram team will pick the winners based on quality and popularity. Submissions for the first stage are open through May 15.

Going forward, its going to be very easy for users to find stickers on the app as Telegram is adding a searchable directory for sticker packs. This is going to make it easier for users to find over 20,000 stickers on the App.

The best addition to the App is now going to be the update that has been planned for later in the year. Telegram is testing group video calls which will be safe. At the moment, it is unclear when the feature will appear on the app but one thing is for sure, Telegram is working on ensuring that their clients get what they have been asking for.

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