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SafeBoda Launches Own Shopping Delivery Service

Businesses across the globe are taking innovative steps to stay afloat during the Coronavirus pandemic which is why SafeBoda recently revealed a new service to take advantage of the ongoing situation.

SafeBoda has taken its services to another level with its own new shopping delivery service called, ‘SafeBoda Shop’ that allows you to order for items and have them delivered to your door step.

Apart from ordering for food, sharing credit and sending parcels, one can now use the SafeBoda app to carry out actual shopping for various items at their own convenience.

According to SafeBoda, one can now effortlessly shop at the tap of a button from the convenience of their phone using the app and have items delivered in minutes. They are also offering free deliveries for this week only.

SafeBoda gets creative with its own e-commerce service

Since the quarantine has gravely affected many families, with a number of people unable to go out freely to do shopping as they recently used to do, SafeBoda is now making it possible for anyone to do so without fear.

Users can shop and order for various items like milk, bread and other forms of groceries, including fruits and vegetables too which are all delivered to your door step once you’re done placing your order.

This is an innovative move from the ride hailing app, and we expect more ideas to come to light in the near future, and seeing how the Coronavirus has impacted so many businesses and activities. Many have taken different approaches in order to stay afloat during this trying time.

You can get access to this new feature by downloading the SafeBoda app on your phone via Google Play or Apple Store.


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