How Much Each Premier League Club Earns in Shirt Sponsorship 1

How Much Each Premier League Club Earns in Shirt Sponsorship

The English Premier League is home to one of the most entertaining leagues in the world and probably the league with clubs that almost evenly have good financial power.

Almost every club in the world is dependent on the shirt sponsorship deals that they can get from around to be able to facilitate their administrative expenditures.

Today we will take a look at how much each club is earning from their shirt sponsorship deals and who is their major shirt sponsor and also the affiliate sponsors and how much they bring on board for the club.

At number one is Manchester United, one of the most successful clubs in England and one of the wealthiest in the world as well. United are being sponsored by Chevrolet an American auto car company.

Chevrolet started sponsoring the Red Devils in the season of 2014-2015 and the deals is meant to run for the next seven years. The American car makers are paying the North England side £64 Million.

Manchester City come in a distant second

How Much Each Premier League Club Earns in Shirt Sponsorship 2
Sergio Agueo’s Manchester City are sponsored by Etihad. (Image Credit: Wall street journal)

Manchester City come in a distant second. The Manchester rivals are enjoying the top when it comes down to money being accumulated through sponsorship. Manchester City are however earning £19 Million less as compared to United.

The Citizens who are being sponsored by Etihad are earning £45 Million from their sponsorship deal with the Arab airline. City signed a ten year contract with the Arabian giants. The deal runs from 2011 to 2021. The stadium was also named after Etihad Airways.

Arsenal comes in third earning £40 Million from Fly Emirates

Arsenal comes in third earning £40 Million from Fly Emirates. The first deal was signed in the 2004 season which was to see the stadium named Emirates stadium and in the season of 2006, Arsenal shirt sponsorship deal started.

The deal will run till the 2023-2024 season which will make it the longest shirt deal in the history of English football.

How Much Each Premier League Club Earns in Shirt Sponsorship 3
Pierre Emerick Aubameyang side Arsenal are sponsored by Fly Emirates. (Image Credit: Arizona Daily)

Chelsea are in 4th position generating up to £40 Million from their Japanese tyre making company Yokohoma. The blues and the Japanese company are entering the final year of the deal and are looking to renew the deal.

At number 5 are current English Premier league leaders Liverpool who are on £40 Million with Standard Chartered. The Merseyside club have extended their sponsorship deal with Standard Chartered Bank for four more years until the 2022-23 season.

The bank, who signed up as Liverpool’s main sponsor in July 2010, have had their logo on the team shirt for eight seasons in the Merseyside club’s second-longest sponsorship deal.

Tottehnham Hotspurs from White Hart lane find themselves in 6th position with over £35M from insurance group AIA.

Tottenham signed a new shirt sponsorship deal with AIA worth a reported £320 million ($400 million) over eight years. The Premier League club’s deal with the life insurance company is understood to match the reported £40-million-a-year deal that Chelsea signed in 2015 with Yokohama tyres.

Westham United who are earning £10 million from betway are 7th, Everton earning £9.6 million from Sportpesa come 8th, Wolves make it to 9th with their staggering £8 million from ManBetX and Southampton finalize the top 10 with their £7.5 million from LD Sports.

Here are the rest of the teams in the English premier league and what they are earning from their respective shirt sponsors.

11. Burnley – £7.5 million (LoveBet)

12. Crystal Palace – £6.5 million (ManBetX)

13. Newcastle – £6.5 million (Fun88)

14. Watford – £6.5 million (

15. Aston Villa – £6 million (W88)

16. Bournemouth – £5 million (M88)

17. Leicester – £4 million (King Power)

18. Sheffield United – £3.5 million (USG)

19. Norwich – £3 million (Dafabet)

20. Brighton – £1.5 million (American Express)


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How Much Each Premier League Club Earns in Shirt Sponsorship 4

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