Asa releases new album titled Lucid.

Album Review: Lucid By ASA

It has come to my attention of late that there is an increasing number of folks with very brilliant taste in music. By this, I mean something in the lines of beautiful soul, folk or Indies music.

Not that I am saying other genres aren’t brilliant as well. Forgive me if I seem a little too excited for this particular review.

She is a soul goddess, a genius songwriter, vocalist, a guitarist and a Jailer. I have been jailed to her music from the very first time I heard her melodic voice sing through those musical words of inspiration all those years ago when “Jailer” first hit the air wave.

Yes, many of you must have guessed who I am talking about by now, so why keep you longing for too long.
ASA (pronounced “ASHA”) on the 11th October, 2019 finally graced us with her fourth studio album titled “LUCID”.

Ever since her last studio album “Bed of Stone” which was released five years ago with hit songs like Dead Again, Eyo, Society, Satan Be Gone. Life has never been the same for ASA’s fans.

I’d like to believe that many of you who have patiently waited for her to release another album of beautifully crafted poetic songs have not been disappointed at all.

I hate to say too much but get right to the general feel of the album.

The LUCID Album

Asa releases new album titled Lucid.
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It has a total of 14 songs and they are;

1. Murder in the USA
2. The Beginning
3. Good Thing
4. Stay Tonight
5. Torn
6. Happy People
7. You and Me
8. Femi Mo
9. Makes No Sense
10. 365
11. Until We Try(This Lo)
12. 9 Lives
13. Don’t Let Me Go
14. My Dear

Lucid album review

Nothing beats waiting for an album for quite a long time and still get that wonderful craftsmanship of a talented artist doing their best with a “BANG” to every song.

Truth be told I doubt anyone can have the same favourite song from this album. Every time I listen to the album she reminds me of another great artist. And that my friends is a story for another day.

It is a wonder month to usher in the third week in style and in good tunes. On that note let us get out there with some good melodies proudly brought to you by being the “Good People” that we are. And may the gods of music be with you all.


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Album Review: Lucid By ASA 1

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