Airtel Uganda Launches Broadband With 1GB Going For As Low As UGX 1,500 1

Airtel Uganda Launches Broadband With 1GB Going For As Low As UGX 1,500

One of the leading Telecom in Uganda, Airtel, yesterday announced a new product called Airtel Broadband that is aimed for homes and Small Medium Enterprises or SMEs as they are popularly known.

Announcing the new product at Airtel offices, Brenden Kachenje the General Manager Airtel Broadband said “this product comes with an outdoor unit that ensures you have strong WiFi signals and an indoor unit to to ensure that your devices receive strong, uninterrupted signals”

Airtel Uganda Launches Broadband With 1GB Going For As Low As UGX 1,500 2

Brenden Kachenje further noted that “customers can get the new Airtel broadband at only UGX 280,000 with FREE 51GB valid for a month. It also comes with very affordable recharge bundles that are as low as UGX 1,500 per GB. This is the first of its kind on the market.”

The managing director of Airtel Uganda VG Somasekhar also reiterated the fact that Airtel this year made Uganda 100% 4G as they try to ensure that Ugandans have access to good internet connectivity.

“Early this year, we made Uganda 100% 4G. We went on to introduce new and transformed technologies like the 4×4 multiple input, multiple output (MIMO).Today we decided to go a step further to introduce fixed data or for homes and businesses.” said the MD VG Somasekhar

Mr. Somasekhar further stated that “the future economic development of our country is the growth of SMEs. What they need is improved and fast communication at lower costs. Up to today, our cost of data was 1 dollar per GB.”

“The role of technology in economic development of the country is very crucial. The various technology changes contribute significantly to the development of this country.” Said State Minister for Trade Werikhe Kafabusa

Airtel Uganda Launches Broadband With 1GB Going For As Low As UGX 1,500 3
State Minister for Trade Werikhe Kafabusa was also in attendance and gave government’s support to Airtel.

“This new innovation by Airtel has come at a time when Uganda is promoting SMEs through encouraging them for value addition, and more. I’ve been made to understand that this home broadband will offer Ugandans fast reliable, consistent, uninterrupted and affordable internet.” Said the minister.

“Many countries are now using e-commerce to do business. Consumers can purchase anything 24/7 from wherever they are. This innovation by Airtel is not only a great push towards economic development but what’s happening with the rest of the world is so fast that if we don’t take this approach we shall be left behind. Airtel Broadband is a start in that direction,” State Minister for Trade Werikhe Kafabusa

“Let me take this opportunity to thank Airtel for this innovation, and I would like to pledge our support as Government. ” Minister Kafabusa

Issa Sekitto the spokesperson of KACITA was also in attendance of the launch representing a big group of SMEs in Kampala had this to say, “I can tell you that as Airtel you have won the hearts of my members. Whether you are in a garage, office or downtown, the first thing a small holder businessman will ask is whether you have an Airtel facility. ”

Airtel Uganda Launches Broadband With 1GB Going For As Low As UGX 1,500 4
Issa Sekitto the Spokesman for KACITA attended the launch as well

“The implication of this new product is that I am saving at least UGX 2200 on every GB. Whoever brings a service that helps people save is delivering relevance. As KACITA we would like to pledge our support for this and all the other services you’ve provided,” he said

This new broadband product by Airtel will certainly go a long way into helping businesses when it comes to online transactions but also for business owners to be able to do research on their market.

For those who will be using the service at home, this promises to help in sectors of those who are using streaming platforms to access entertainment like movies among other things.

Airtel has been coming up with so many brilliant products for it’s clients, however, the dilemma that still lingers is how fast the internet will be considering how the current 4G is not entirely living up to the billing.


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Airtel Uganda Launches Broadband With 1GB Going For As Low As UGX 1,500 5

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