Punk Rock Band Virginity Premieres Its “You Can’t Stop the Machine” Track - Newslibre

Punk Rock Band Virginity Premieres Its “You Can’t Stop the Machine” Track

Two days ago, Virginity, a punk rock band from Orlando, FL revealed their stunning track, “You Can’t Stop The Machine” which only proves that time flies when you’re having fun on their latest single.

You Can’t Stop The Machine is part of the band’s upcoming full-length album POPMORTEM set to release in October this year. The track is one of the star singles from the album that is set to release in October and is a testament to the band’s resolve to set out and capture the essence of destiny’s ticking clock and approaching the subject with their signature playfully self-aware perspective:

“It’s about the general feeling of life moving too fast at times. I’ll think about something that I feel happened a year or two ago, then suddenly I’ll think, ‘oh shit, no. That was a decade ago.’ People always tell you how fast it goes by and it doesn’t feel like that until all of a sudden it does. The universe has its schedule and you have yours and many times they aren’t well synched up.” – Casey Crawford, Lead Vocalist of Virginity.

Virginity plays punk music written through a mature lens. Casey Crawford could mark across a map to symbolize the far-reaching influences where he began honing his voice. However, it’s in the visceral experiences of thirty-something crises where he fully discovered it. Only time and evolution could mix up their musical cocktail of accidental luck and punch-drunk honesty.

In 2019, The Alternative claimed With Time one of the best midyear releases while Washed Up Emo gave props to their “New Favorite Band.” Their energy is a culmination of Central Florida angst and unwavering lyrical storytelling.

Their upcoming full-length LP “PopMortem” is already making waves with standout features on Under The Radar, Audiotree, and Brooklyn Vegan and the band made their mark with concertgoers at The Fest in Gainesville – now it’s your turn to relish in the soundwaves too.

Virginity Hits Hard with Their New Track “You Can’t Stop the Machine”

You can now stream “You Can’t Stop The Machine” on all DSPs now! Here’s the fall tracklisting for the band’s full-length album POPMORTEM:

POPMORTEM Track Listing:

Punk Rock Band Virginity Premieres Its “You Can’t Stop the Machine” Track - Newslibre



About Smartpunk Records:

Smartpunk has been a recognizable name in the scene for a long time (remember that sponsored Warped Tour stage?!). After exchanging several hands and countless ideas of what it could and should be, they decided to start a record label in 2016 with the main idea of focusing solely on reissuing records that have been out of print or never on vinyl. After all, they’re a label of vinyl dorks themselves!

After releasing Set Your Goals’ “Mutiny” and Gameface’s “Good,” they started to venture into signing newer bands. They actively balance in between many worlds—putting out amazing music from friends and bands that rock, reissuing older titles, and partnering with other incredible labels in our scene and doing exclusive colour variants of their releases.

Since forming the record label, Smartpunk Records has released timeless albums such as Less Than Jake’s  Anthem, Northbound’s Soul Kiss, RIVALSDamned Soul and upcoming sophomore release Sad Looks Pretty on Me, Clearbody’s One More Day, and legendary punk-crossover group Bandaid Brigade’s I’m Separate.


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