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Soule Tells A Story of Isolation and Corruption in Song “Quarantine Scripts”

Singer/songwriter Soule is emerging from isolation with her latest single, “Quarantine Scripts” in an exclusive premiere with Mundane Magazine.

After experiencing the stress and uncertainty of a global pandemic, coupled with the injustices plaguing our society, “Quarantine Scripts” is an account of the destruction Soule witnessed from isolation.

“As a raw, somber track whose lyrics and music composition emerged from my bedroom during quarantine, this song isn’t about a particular person but rather humanity personified as one. Imagine having these thoughts and reflections about the state of the world bursting through your head–a chaotic pandemic compounded with systemic racism and institutional corruption–all the while being cut off in isolation from it. It’s easy to feel connected yet disconnected at the same time. I think that this concept of being isolated in our heads can apply outside the context of quarantine because we all have this internal world in us that’s a mystery to everyone else. So when you listen to this song, feel free to imagine the subject as any person, place, or thing that you associate these feelings of disconnect with.” — Soule

A singer-songwriter, self-taught guitarist and visual artist, Soule refuses to be pigeonholed. Her sound fuses the realms of modern indie, shoegaze and slowcore with angst-fueled vocal deliveries inspired by ‘90s alternative rock and feminist punk.

Exuding a fiery aura through her distinctive raspberry-red top-bun hairstyle, Soule’s visual aesthetic juxtaposes with the inner world of raw poetic metaphors in her lyrical writing. Whether it be an unspoken letter or bursting through a fence or cage, Soule intends to break boundaries, in the world of both music and social justice.

Her upcoming debut EP “wall splattered with ink” embodies current social themes pertaining to systems of oppression.

Soule refuses to be pigeonholed and ”Quarantine Scripts” says it well

Soule, known personally as Jennie, grew up in Brooklyn, New York City before relocating to Chicago in late 2019. She identifies as a queer Asian-American artist with an invisibile disability. At age 15, she discovered her passion for music as a channel of self-expression and inspiring change and began writing lyrics in her bedroom and on subway trains.

Soule dabbled in various forms of art — from poetry to dance to videography — but ultimately had a vision and ambition as a musical artist.

Influenced by both ‘90s sounds like Deftones, Hole, and The Smashing Pumpkins and zeitgeist-leading modern acts such as Teen Suicide, Cherry Glazerr, and girl in red, Soule taught herself and ultimately found her sound on the guitar, an integral instrument in her creative process. Through her artistic platform, Soule endeavours to evoke relatable messages and empower marginalized voices like her’s in the queer, BIPOC, and disability communities.

Her long-awaited EP “Wall Splattered with Ink” will be out on October 15. You can stream “Quarantine Scripts” on all DSPs today!

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Soule Tells A Story of Isolation and Corruption in Song "Quarantine Scripts" 1

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