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Bruvvy Is Breaking The Sound Barrier With Its New EP ‘Little Heat’

Rock n’ roll band Bruvvy hopes to break the sound barrier with its new EP, ‘Little Heat’. Having a total of five ear shuttering tracks that feel like an awakening of a genre that has since been lost in time, Little Heat is a symbol of defiance.

Little Heat was released today on 20th August, and the EP boasts a total of five tracks from the likes of Attn:, Not For Sale, U Think This Song Is About U, Fake It and Proof which are testament to their rebellion as they awaken a new generation of rockers across the globe.

When you listen to tracks like Not For Sale, Fake It and U Think This Song Is About U, one can clearly hear the raging guitar sounds and drums including the powerful vocals of Bruvvy’s vocalist Liz Varum. The EP presents itself as raw and real, something not commonly seen in today’s circulated music scene.

The North Miami Beach, FL based rock band that entered the scene in 2019 and became popular for its energetic stage performances that are often characterised with an “anything goes” performance style has really outdone itself.

When Bruvvy dropped their single Not For Sale earlier in July, fans were excited to hear what the band was cooking behind the doors and surprisingly, it was a monumental shock they desperately needed to break through these changing times.

The EP could be seen as a revival of rock n’ roll, a genre that calls us to scream, jump and let go of ourselves, and Bruvvy has definitely done that in this EP release. You can feel and hear the powerful sounds it has to offer right to your bones.

Liz Varum, Bruvvy’s vocalist had this to say about their new EP, “We want this EP to empower people to free themselves and lose control, if only for a couple of minutes. It’s been a rough couple of years for all of us; we’re all angry, worried, clenching our jaws so tight we can hardly speak. But we should be yelling, we should be bouncing off the walls. Writing this EP was a major emotional outlet for us, and that’s exactly what we hope it can be for our listeners.”

Little Heat is a brave statement that Bruvvy is just getting started

Since their first show in 2019, Bruvvy introduced the South Florida music scene to a reimagined version of female-fronted rock n’ roll. They have made a name for themselves with their powerful stage performances and raw style.

We anticipate more from the band, and we encourage any rock lover out there to listen to their new EP. It is worth it and does deliver a powerful kick to it. Of course, when it comes to sounds, we all have our own favourites and I don’t want to compare their work to the likes of Linkin Park, Breaking Benjamin or Bullet for My Valentine. But what I can say for sure is this, Bruvvy has earned a spot in my heart for generations to come.

Stay tuned for all the latest news on their website HERE. You can also follow BRUVVY online: Facebook |Instagram | Twitter | TikTok |Bandcamp


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Bruvvy Is Breaking The Sound Barrier With Its New EP ‘Little Heat’ 1

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