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The Most Famous Female Fronted Rock Bands

Just as Kurt Cobain once wrote, “women are the only future in rock and roll” I totally agree with him because while growing up we listened to lots of girl groups like Spice Girls, Destiny’s Child and they didn’t play lots of instruments, and rock has always been looked at as a male genre.

Most bands were composed of a male lead singer like The Rolling stones, Breaking Benjamin, Led Zeppelin, but as time went on we saw female rock stars growing into the industry ranging from solo artists like Avril Lavinge.

Women have always been known for having melodious, amazing vocals. We have listened to them hit the highest notes that some people only dream of. Their music is rich with awesome lyrics and portrays an inner emotion with a clear message.

These are the most popular female-fronted rock band ever

1. Florence and the Machine

This is an English indie rock band that was formed in London around 2007, consisting of lead singer Florence Welch, Isabella Summers and a collaboration of other artists.  When you listen to this band, its dramatic, eccentric and very captivating together with Florence’s deep vocals.

The Most Famous Female Fronted Rock Bands - Newslibre
Florence and The machine also won various awards, ranging from the critics’ choice, MTV video music awards for best art direction, Q Awards for best female, best video.

She is famous for soundtracks in TV shows like Nikita and The Vampire Diaries, the common song being, “Never Let Me Go”. The band has an amazing list of albums such as “Lungs, Ceremonials, How Big, How Blue and How Beautiful. Their famous hit songs include All This and Heaven Too, Dog Days Are Over, Cosmic Love to mention but a few.

2. Paramore

This band is popular for its alternative rock pop-punk songs like, Still Into You, Daydreaming and Ain’t It Fun. The list could go on. The best way to be a paramonster is by listening to all their albums  Riot, Paramore, Brand New Eyes and I promise you its an amazing experience.

Its an American rock band from Franklin, Tennessee formed in 2004 with the lead singer being the beautiful Haley Williams. Their music is always heart thrilling with relatable lyrics and instrumental sounds, and all Paramore fans are called para monsters.

The Most Famous Female Fronted Rock Bands - Newslibre
Paramore’s lead singer is Haley Williams.

3. Pretty Reckless

This is an American band from New York City, with the lead vocalist being the crazy and amazing Taylor Momsen also known for her role in Gossip Girl as Jenny Humphrey. Other band members include Ben Philips, Mark Damon, Jamie Perkins.

It majorly plays hard rock, post-grunge and alternative rock music. Together with Taylor’s beautiful voice and amazing lyrics, the band has managed to rise to fame with songs like Heaven Knows, Make Me Wana Die,  Hit Me Like a Man and Messed Up World.

Pretty reckless has wonderful albums which include, Light Me Up, Going To Hell, The Pretty Reckless, Unreleased EP.

The Most Famous Female Fronted Rock Bands - Newslibre
Pretty Reckless is an American band from New York city, with the lead vocalist being the amazing Taylor Momsen.

4. Evanescence

Amy Lee, that’s the first name that comes to mind. She is the lead singer of this gothic, nu-metal, alternative rock band formed in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1995. The other band members are Tim MC cord, Will Hunt, Troy Mc Lawhorn, Jen Majura.

Her deep vocals and outstanding gothic rock like makeup have made the band more famous bringing to life songs like , My Immortal,  Going Under, Sweet Sacrifice, Lithium, Tourniquet and so many more.

The band has released albums which include Fallen, The Open Door, Anywhere But Home, Origin and this has earned them a worldwide fan base and large crowds during live shows and tours.

The Most Famous Female Fronted Rock Bands - Newslibre
Amy Lee is the lead singer of this gothic, nu-metal, alternative rock band Evanescence.

5. Barlow Girl

Well known for melodious songs like Never Alone, Beautiful Ending, I Need You To Love Me, this was an American Christian rock all-female band from Chicago, Illinois. The band was composed of sisters Alyssa, Rebecca and Lauren Barlow.

The band won several awards in their genre, including the winner in Yahoo’s Who’s Next in 2006, also selected to be part of the first volume of the big shiny planet Bible study in 2007. However, on in October 29, 2012, they officially retired with a final song, Hope Will Lead Us On.

The Most Famous Female Fronted Rock Bands
Barlow Girl officially retired on Monday, October 29, 2012, with a final song, Hope Will Lead Us On.

There are other female-fronted bands out there and I will mention just a few that could have the list. We have bands like Six Pence None The Richer, Cranberries– lead singer, Dorole o’ Riordan.

The list is quite endless and every single one of us has a favourite female-fronted band that makes our day. Until next time, lets us know about your most desired rock bands by hitting that comment section.


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