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Miami Rockers Bruvvy Release Bold New Single “Not For Sale”

Bruvvy is standing its ground and oozing confidence on their assertive new track “Not For Sale.” The single is a tease of what’s to come on their upcoming “Little Heat” EP available in August 2021.

The aptly named EP is raising the temperature for a new generation of rockers who are ready to stake their claim in the coveted genre. The song lyrics describe the pivotal moment when vocalist Liz Varum proved to a sceptical generation that her music was destined to blare through speakers across the globe:

“I came to a boiling point when my boss at the time told me how unlikely it was that I was going to make it in the music industry and that I should always have a backup. Being that it was my millionth time hearing this, I got overwhelmed and decided to write a song dedicated to all the people who have underestimated me in the past.” – Liz Varum, Bruvvy Lead Vocalist

Since their first show in 2019, Bruvvy introduced the South Florida music scene to a reimagined version of female-fronted rock n’ roll. They have made a name for themselves with their powerful stage presence, their “anything goes” performance style, their raw realness, and most importantly, the friendship that keeps them glued to their listeners and to one another.

This is not a rock n’ roll revival; it’s a rediscovery of the very spirit that possesses us to jump, scream, sweat, and connect. Bruvvy is just getting started!

Bruvvy is oozing confidence on their assertive new track “Not For Sale”

“Not For Sale” premiere is on Rock at Night here. You can also stream it via Spotify. Stay tuned for all the latest news on their website HERE. You can also follow BRUVVY online: Facebook |Instagram | TwitterTikTok |Bandcamp

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