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Netflix’s “365 Days” Slammed for Glorifying Sexual Assault

Arguably one of the most streamed Netflix movie, “365 Days” caught the eyes of many receiving mixed feelings and reactions but it is Welsh singer Duffy who has come out to condemn online streaming platform Netflix for airing a movie that “glamorizes the brutal reality of sex trafficking, kidnapping, and rape.”

Duffy has experienced sexual assault before when she was drugged at her birthday party

Netflix describes the film as an “erotic drama,”  and is based on the bestselling Polish novel “365 dni” by Blanka Lipinska. It tells the story of a woman who is abducted, imprisoned and repeatedly sexually abused by a mafia boss — who gives her one year to fall in love with him.

“Today, I really don’t know what to think, say, or do, other than to reach out and explain to you in this letter how irresponsible it was of Netflix to broadcast the film ‘365 Days,'” Wrote Duffy

“This should not be anyone’s idea of entertainment, nor should it be described as such, or be commercialized in this manner,” she said, adding that the film “distorts” sexual violence, “eroticizes” kidnapping and was “careless, insensitive, and dangerous.”

In a post that she posted online, Duffy told her story of how she was kidnapped, taken to a foreign country, and repeatedly raped for close to four months.

“I knew my life was in immediate danger, he made veiled confessions of wanting to kill me,” she wrote. “I was a high risk of suicide in the aftermath.”

Various critics have also come out recently to slam the movie for painting a global issue as something that is good with renowned movie platform Rotten Tomatoes giving the movie a review of 0%, arguably the worst rating that Rotten Tomatoes has ever given a movie.

Netflix's "365 Days" Slammed for Glorifying Sexual Assault - Newslibre
Netflix has seen its movie 365 Days receive the worst rating on its own platform but the company will not remove the film. (Image Credit: tyla)

A petition was set up on calling for the movie to be removed from Netflix for glorifying sex trafficking and facilitating sexual aggression towards women.

Even After Petitions to Remove the Movie, Netflix Has Refused

However, Netflix is adamant about removing the movie from their platform saying citing that the movie had been released in several countries.

He also pointed out this was a Polish film released theatrically in several countries in February 2020 and Netflix had licensed the film and was not involved in the production.

“We believe strongly in giving our members around the world more choice and control over their Netflix viewing experience,” the spokesman said in emailed comments.

“Members can choose what they do and do not want to watch by setting maturity filters at a profile level and removing specific titles to protect from the content they feel is too mature.”

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