Netflix’s Award Winning Apocalyptic TV Show ‘Dark’ Premieres for a Third Season - Newslibre

Netflix’s Award Winning Apocalyptic TV Show ‘Dark’ Premieres for a Third Season

Dark, a Netflix original TV show originally created in German will be returning for a final cycle which is also subsequently it’s third. Today, being the premiere day properly fits with the show’s script, apocalypse date June 27th 2020.

Over the last two seasons, this time-travelling apocalyptic drama series has taken viewers through time travel events back and forth following the life of three different generations of the same cast. The events turn out to be repetitive and greatly shape the scenes of the show.

They are also expected to lead to an apocalypse. To prevent the apocalypse, the cycle must be broken. From the first two seasons, viewers have been glued onto the show in order to find out if the cycle is broken or not. And for it to break or prevail, the different generations of Jonas must work with or fight against each other.

The final scene of season two left a very big cliffhanger (spoiler alter 😯 ) where Martha from another timeline comes at a time when Jonas is grieving for a dead Martha in the present timeline. Martha (from another world) saves Jonas from the beginning of apocalypse by travelling within what we possibly think is her world.

Dark is an amazing TV show that will keep you glued on your seat anxiously waiting for the next unpredictable outcome

From the official trailer released a month ago, Martha tells Jonas that both their worlds are intertwined and that similar occurrences happen in both worlds.

Netflix’s Award Winning Apocalyptic TV Show ‘Dark’ Premieres for a Third Season - Newslibre
Dark is the first-ever German-language Netflix original series to debut on the streaming platform back in 2017. (Image credit: Netflix) – Newslibre

She says they must work together to break the cycle. This gives a tidbit that most of the third season might happen in the new world as the two try to stop the apocalypse.

It also gives the impression that we might have many similar occurrences from the past seasons but with Martha and Jonas trying to alter them to prevent things turning out the way they did in Jonas’ world.

The final cycle is described as The time-twisting madness reaches its conclusion in a strange new world where some things are quite familiar and others are disturbingly not” via its official trailer on YouTube.

Dark is a German science fiction thriller web television series co-created by Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese. The story takes place in a fictitious town of Winden, Germany and concerns the aftermath of a child’s disappearance which exposes the secrets and hidden connections among, four estranged families as they slowly unravel a sinister time travel conspiracy.

It is also the first-ever German-language Netflix original series. It debuted on the streaming service back in December 2017. The first season was received with positive reviews from critics, who made initial comparisons to another Netflix series, Stranger Things.

Watch Dark announcement trailer right here


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Netflix’s Award Winning Apocalyptic TV Show ‘Dark’ Premieres for a Third Season 1

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