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Rwanda Now Offering Virtual Tourism amid COVID19

As the world continues to struggle with travel restrictions and the tourism industry being dealt a massive blow, Rwanda through a group of young people has created virtual tourism.

Patrick Karangwa is the founder of Kigali 360, a company that is creating virtual tours of some of Rwanda’s most impressive sights for all those interested in touring the small East African nation.

Having realized that African and his country Rwanda were not well represented well on Google Maps, Patrick got an idea that has developed into what could become a lifesaver for the tourism sector of Rwanda who has been earmarked as one of the nations for any tourist to visit.

“I realized that Rwanda as a country and in general also Africa were under-represented on Google Maps, on digital maps, this is where the idea came from, I realized that this technology we could do it our self and it was affordable”

Rwanda Now Offering Virtual Tourism amid COVID19 - Newslibre
Rwanda’s cultural dancers could find themselves in business should the virtual tourism gain momentum. (Image Credit: Trek Rwanda Gorillas)

Considering that many countries around the globe and mostly Africa, are struggling with a complete shutdown on tourism, many have had to become a little creative so as to get back normalcy. Like Rwanda, many other countries are also going virtual to capitalize on the market.

Patrick Karangwa knows that the current virtual tourism is not here to stay for long and expects that the natural mode of tourism will return back to normal once the world has found a way around for the COVID19.

“This will never replace traditional tourism because nothing really will replace the fact that people can be at places, at locations, and see things with their own eyes. So this is more a different layer of information,” he said.

According to the Rwanda Development Board, last year, tourism brought more than $490 million in revenues to the country. The tourism board has a partnership with French champions Paris Saint Germain and English FA Cup winners, Arsenal. These deals are believed to have boosted their tourism sector.

Rwanda Now Offering Virtual Tourism amid COVID19 - Newslibre
Bisate Lodge one of the most iconic places in Rwanda given that it is located on the mountain top.

This year the pandemic has cost the country $45 million, due to dwindling tourist numbers and after 45 international meetings scheduled to be held in Kigali were postponed or canceled.

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