Tanzanian Miner in Another Massive $ 2 Million Bonanza - Newslibre

Tanzanian Miner in Another Massive $ 2 Million Bonanza

A Tanzanian miner who previously made the news after discovering two large Tanzanite stones has sold the third one for the equivalent of 2 million US dollars. Saniniu Laizer’s latest find weighed over 6 kilograms.

In June, Mr. Saniniu became an overnight Tanzanian millionaire after he sold a Tanzanite stone for $3 Million.

Tanzanite is a gemstone found only in a small northern region of the East African nation. It is one of the rarest gemstones on earth and used in jewelry.

Many times people say that luck comes your way once but it seems Mr. Laizer has found a way of pleasing lady luck who continues to shine upon him.

Mr. Laizer is keen to use the proceeds from his discoveries to help the people of his community so that they too can come out of the poverty lines.

The Humber Tanzanian miner Plans on Giving Back to his Community

Tanzanian Miner in Another Massive $ 2 Million Bonanza - Newslibre
The Tanzanian miner says that he plans on giving back more to his community after building a school. (Image Credit: CGTN Africa)
For the miner, seeing a change and progress in ensuring that all his people can access basic education and medical health is something that he plans on doing.

Small-scale miners like Mr. Laizer operate under licenses acquired from the government, but illegal mining of the mineral is an issue, especially close to major mining operations.

And in Tanzania, illegal mining has been such a big issue where many licensed miners have to struggle for few minerals with illegal miners who supply to the black market.

As modest as he can be, Mr. Laizer says he will not change his lifestyle, but that he does intend to slaughter one of the cows from his herd of 2,000 to celebrate. For him, money doesn’t call for a change in lifestyle.

Tanzanite is one of the world’s rarest precious stones and was first discovered as recently as 1967.

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Tanzanian Miner in Another Massive $ 2 Million Bonanza 1

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