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8 Exercises That Will Strengthen Not Only Your Muscles but Also Your Relationship

Ever see those couples at the gym who work out together and think to yourself, “That’s just some relationship goals!”. Turns out there’s a good reason why couples who co-workout often stay together. See, exercise is great for your body and your mind, and these positive effects can also impact your relationships.

We all know how great regular exercise is. It can promote a positive mood, improve sleep, and lower stress. Moreover, during a workout, your body releases a lot of endorphins, aka “feel-good hormones” that help you bond with your partner! FYI, this is also the same hormone that gets released during sex.

However, exercise is also great if you’re looking for a partner. Why? Because it can give you more self-assurance and determination! Once you’ve got this, you’ll feel confident checking out Dating Reviewer sites to help you find a match!

So, whether you’re loved up or single and ready to mingle, these 8 exercises will help get you on the right track!

8 Exercises That Are Good for Your Body and Your Relationship

1.  Yoga

Yoga is an ideal stress-busting exercise for anyone who’s feeling highly strung or whose stress is affecting their relationship. Yoga comes in a variety of types and styles, so you can work on finding the right class for you.

You could also try couples’ yoga or attend the same yoga class. This will give you both space to wind down and give you something new to try together.

8 Exercises That Will Strengthen Not Only Your Muscles but Also Your Relationship - Newslibre

2.  Strength Training

Looking for a spotting buddy on the weight racks? Weight training is a phenomenal exercise for couples to try together. One of the major benefits of weight training is that it builds muscles, improves core strength, and has myriad health benefits.

Weight training is also great for making physique changes, like toning up or cutting fat. Plus, you’ll get a kick out of seeing each other’s form improve. Now, many women tend to avoid strength training, thinking it will make them feel bulkier,  but this is a myth.

The truth is, it’s not easy to gain muscle, especially for women, as they naturally have less muscle mass, and it’s even harder to gain it for them. So don’t be afraid of strength or resistance training – it’s a great way to bond and strengthen relationships!

3.  Hiking

Feel that your bond is not quite as it used to be? Need to bring back some relationship love? Why not get out somewhere new and enjoy some beautiful scenery together? Hiking is the perfect exercise therapy for couples who love an adventure and the great outdoors.

Hiking across uneven terrain is a brilliant exercise for your legs, glutes, and core. Not to mention the upper body workout you get from carrying your pack. Taking in new places together is also a great way to reconnect and to have new experiences. It’s an ideal way to strengthen relationships and improve your fitness.

8 Exercises That Will Strengthen Not Only Your Muscles but Also Your Relationship - Newslibre

4.  Running

Couples who build a running schedule together can enjoy high levels of relationship satisfaction. Running also releases the endorphins (this is also known as a runner’s high), which can boost your overall mood. This general mood elevation can be a great antidote to relationship stresses and can help with relationship building or even if you’re doing it solo!

5.  Dancing

Want something more energetic and fun? Just dance! This activity is all about coordination and working with your partner. And the great thing is – there are so many styles to choose from! Moreover, dancing encourages you and your partner to work together and provides goals (following dance steps, maintaining balance e.t.c.) to achieve together. Quite great for relationship building, don’t you think?

This can be a fun, low-pressure way to improve your communication skills and reconnect on an intimate level. Dancing is also high-energy and gives you a great mood boost, perfect for when you want to unwind and enjoy some fun time with your partner.

8 Exercises That Will Strengthen Not Only Your Muscles but Also Your Relationship - Newslibre

6.  Cycling

Much like hiking, cycling allows you to get out and explore the great outdoors! This activity is especially wonderful for older couples as it’s easier on the knees than running or hiking.

Cycling is also great if you have a young family and is a lovely way to strengthen family relationships. Going for bike rides or cycling trips can build happy memories and is a brilliant way to help you stay active.

7.  Team Sports

The best part about team sports is that you don’t have to play them together for the activity to have a positive impact on your relationship. Participating regularly in team sports has been shown to have a positive effect on mood, stress, and self-confidence. If your partner takes up a team sport, you will likely see a change in how they engage with the relationship.

Moreover, team sports can help people become more focused and organized about life projects and can increase their self-esteem, which in turn will make them feel more at ease with themselves, and thus become an even better partner.

You might also notice that you fight less if one partner can let off some steam on the pitch every once in a while. Perfect for keeping a happy home life balance!

8.  Circuit Training

Wondering how to strengthen your relationship if you’re short on time?  Circuit training allows you and your partner to get a great, fast-paced workout together while saving on time. This is great for couples who are trying to lose weight or who just feel better when they make time for workouts, even when their schedules are packed.

Circuit training can involve sprints, cardio, and body-weight exercises, and the great thing is – you can do them in the gym or at home. Even short bursts of circuit training, like HIIT, can burn tons of calories and give your muscles a great workout.

Doing circuit training in pairs is also effective because you can time each other or cheer each other on when things get tough. This also reinforces positive relationship rules like being supportive and having each other’s backs. You’ll get an endorphin rush afterwards that will make you feel like you’ve really achieved something together. Good for you!

8 Exercises That Will Strengthen Not Only Your Muscles but Also Your Relationship - Newslibre


There’s a reason why some people choose to work out together for relationship building. Because exercising together can have a positive effect on your health and can even bring out some relationship romance. A supportive mindset and a focus on having fun together can really help up your workout intensity and keep your health goals on track. So, next time you hit the gym, have your workout buddy by your side!

So, do you love to work out with your partner? What’s your favourite type of exercise? Let us know in the comments!

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