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5 Ways Some People Manage Stress Better Than Others

Medical science shows that about 90% of illnesses are stress-induced. Many diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart attacks are the result of too much stress. In order to be healthy, it is important to live a happy and stress-free life.

Some people manage stress better than others. While this may be related to genetics, a lot of it is not. If you are one of those who find it difficult to cope with stress then don’t worry. This article details some of the ways you can manage it well.

1. Busying Themselves in Positive Activities

Life is full of stress. In order to successfully manage stress, many people get busy with positive activities. Engaging in some type of physical activity is a very good choice. Some people watch TV or go to a recreational park. I remember I was going through a difficult phase in life. I searched the internet for some good ISPs and thank God, the Spectrum phone number popped on my screen. So I subscribed to one of their service plans.

Back then I did not even think about what I was doing but the choice made me feel happy. Find such hobbies that help to relieve stress and make you see things clearly.

Every day when you get free from work to go to a nearby club. Play table tennis or do some football practice. Your brain will release happy hormones and make you feel relaxed.

2. Presence of Social Support

People who manage stress effectively usually have a group of supportive people. These may include family members, relatives, or friends. The best part about having such individuals is you always have someone to talk to.

Such people, instead of isolating themselves, revert to their close ones in the face of any difficult situation. They are able to talk matters through with good counsel and emotional support.

Make a list of all the close people in your life. Whenever you face a difficult situation, make sure to touch base with them. Effective communication can help to resolve many complicated issues.

3. Ability to Solve Problems

People who manage stress with ease are also good problem-solvers. When they face tough situations, instead of panicking, they start findings ways to address them. A positive attitude to challenges works wonders. These people engage in constructive efforts to manage negative stressful emotions.

When you encounter an unlikable situation, think of ways to resolve it. Busy yourself in jotting down measures to tackle with it rather. Don’t think there’s no way out, because there is always a way out!

4. Willingness to Accept Help

Sometimes, it is okay to ask for help. Successful people in life recognize this. Moreover, in the event their efforts become futile, they seek professional advice. Most of them go to expert health counsellors to sort out the situation. This is a life-saving habit and a healthy life choice.

I know how my defence mechanism used to work. I’d start playing games on my PlayStation, go to McDonald’s nearby, watch movies on Spectrum internet, or sleep for hours on end. Clearly, I was a mess. What did I do then? I went to a therapist. And it worked for me.

So it is okay to do so. Getting professional help will enable you to manage stress. Not doing so will lead to other problems. Recognize that human interaction plays a vital part in our daily lives. Even seeking the help of a friend or a loved one can make a huge difference.

5. Capability to Understand the Larger Context

People who keep stress at bay realize that everything has a larger context. Trials and tribulations are a part of life. Similarly, life is all about ups and downs and learning from them. It is okay to find oneself in the middle of unfavourable circumstances.

However, fleeing from them is not a viable option. One must face them with strong will and determination. At the same time, they must understand that there’s a larger context in play and that it’s not the end of the world.

One way could be meditating on a daily basis. Also, make it a habit to perform breathing exercises. All of these techniques will help elevate your mood, and will also strengthen your stress management capabilities.


Don’t worry if you face difficulties in life. They are a part of it and, therefore, you should embrace them. Make sure that you have a mechanism to deal with hardships and come out every single time. Believe that you will get through these times and make sure to apply the above-mentioned techniques. You will see the positive changes yourself!


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