Indie Pop Duo Wild Story Release Exciting Grandiose EP "Into The Wild" - Newslibre

Indie Pop Duo Wild Story Release Exciting Grandiose EP “Into The Wild”

Indie pop duo Wild Story released their debut EP, Into The Wild on all streaming services recently bringing a fresh perspective combined with amazing vocals and production.

With cinematic vocals and grand production, songs like “It’s Happening” and “Moment” transport fans to a feeling of serenity in a coming-of-age story. In the EP’s songwriting, tracks like “Time To Let Go” and “Little Dreamer” resonate with Wild Story’s inner-transformations and newfound confidence.

The four-track EP, in all, is a meticulously crafted body of work that breaks genre-moulds in the indie-dream-pop space and bookmarks itself as the foundation of all things Wild Story: freedom of expression.

“‘Into The Wild’ represents so many things for us, but most importantly it represents us taking a chance on ourselves and our music; setting free our doubts and fears and just unleashing our music out Into The Wild. We’ve been so deliberate about how we release songs and how we tell our stories, because we both put so much of ourselves into our music.” — Wild Story

Into The Wild is set up for listeners to follow Wild Story along their journey and give people a chance to hear their story in how they’ve evolved over time.

“The EP itself is laid out in the order these songs were written because we wanted to bring our listeners not only into the backstory of us as a band, but also to show how we evolved even over the course of four songs. From the honest and real versions of ourselves that we share on our social media, we always want to show the most honest and real versions of ourselves with our music as well. We really hope that with this EP comes a greater understanding of who we are as creatives, but also who we are as Wild Story.” — Wild Story

Wild Story reveals an interesting backstory in their debut EP “Into The Wild”

Wild Story is a duo originating from Los Angeles, California. This anthemic band combines Viv Parker’s cinematic, immersive production with the adventurous, dynamic and vulnerable melodies of Katie Hargrove. From their first writing session together, Katie and Viv knew they had something special.

Building on their solo careers, the pair decided to plunge headfirst into the LA music scene together with Lyric House’s support along the way. Staying true to themselves and each other, they have found success creating music that reverberates with fans and listeners alike.

In their own words, Wild Story is about embracing who you are, creating your own narrative and owning it wholeheartedly. Wild Story’s debut EP, Into The Wild, is available on all DSPs today.

Indie Pop Duo Wild Story Release Exciting Grandiose EP "Into The Wild" - Newslibre


1. It’s Happening

2. Moment

3. Time To Let Go

4. Little Dreamer

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Indie Pop Duo Wild Story Release Exciting Grandiose EP "Into The Wild" 1

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