Foodvisor: A Weight Loss App That Actually Works 1

Foodvisor: A Weight Loss App That Actually Works

While trying to lose weight, people are often told that its important to exercise but it is more important to watch what you eat. I know this because I have been down this road before.

While deciding what to eat, it is important to count calories but the largest challenge with that is knowing what calories lie within the particular kinds of food. To get it right, you either pay a nutritionist or spend hours googling calories in food. The other alternative is to download the app Foodvisor.

Foodvisor is a free app that tells you the nutritional value of the food you eat. The app works in two ways and provides information on the amount of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and calories contained in food. It does this with a picture or a barcode.

1. Picture

Before you eat a meal, you take a picture of the food or snack using the Foodvisor. After a second or two of scanning, it will identify the item you are going to eat. If it cannot, then it will give you a number of options of food similar to the one you just photographed. Once you identify your food, you can then adjust the portions in either grams or pieces and save.

Foodvisor A Weight Loss App That Actually Works - Newslibre

2. Barcode

For food stuffs that come in packages, Foodvisor allows you to scan the bar-code on the package from which it identifies the product and calculates the nutritional value.

Weight management

As a weight management tool, Foodvisor asks for details like your current weight, age and height. It then asks for your desired weight and it then suggests how many calories you need to eat per day to be able to achieve your weight goal.

Every time you add a meal to the app, it deducts the calories contained in that meal from the daily quota of calories. It also notifies you of how many calories you have left to reach or pass the daily target.


Foodvisor: A Weight Loss App That Actually Works - NewslibreFoodvisor: A Weight Loss App That Actually Works - NewslibreFoodvisor: A Weight Loss App That Actually Works - Newslibre

As a bonus, the app lets you choose from a list of exercises you did within the day. It will calculate the calories you burnt during the exercise and deduct them from the calories you had stacked up during the day.

After a few days of using this app, I would recommend it for anyone that wishes to monitor their diet or someone that is looking to lose weight. I also ranked my experience of the app as follows:


  • Gives useful dietary information
  • Easy to use
  • Less than 15MB
  • Fast loading
  • Relatively accurate


  • Does not identify Ugandan delicacies like chapati, Rolex or mandazi
  • Only works online

Rating: 4 Stars

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Foodvisor: A Weight Loss App That Actually Works 2

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