Zoë Kravitz cast as Catwoman in Matt Reeves' The Batman.

Zoe Kravitz Is The New Catwoman

You probably know it by now or you do not however, I would like to inform you all that Batman will be released in 2021 and the role has been taken up by Robert Pattinson but, that is not why am writing.

What excites me about the movie is the role of Catwoman which is set to be played by Zoe Kravitz. You may remember her in some movies and series like Fantastic Beasts where she left an exceptional performance as the character Leta Lestrange, Mad Max Fury Road as Toast and most recently in Big Little Lies as Bonnie Carlson.

The character of Catwoman has been cast before by Halle Berry, Anne Hathaway and Camren Bicondova. Those are some of the actresses’ common to me as a millennial.

Halle Berry played the character in 2004 as Patience Phillips and received a lot of criticism for her performance in it. Despite all the noise surrounding it, as a black woman in the Hollywood she left a mark in the industry. I am glad she did it.

In 2012, Anne Hathaway took up the role as Selina Kyle alongside Christian Bale as Batman in the Dark Knight Rises. This was not the Devil wears Prada kind of acting, it was guns blazing and high heel kicks. She nailed it for it was something different.

Hathaway who usually takes up subtle roles in movies seemed to have an upgrade. This Catwoman was not meows and cats appearing out of the blue. She was the kind that left anyone in her way with scratches, bruises and bullet wounds.

Camren Bicondova in 2014 took up the role again starring in the series Gotham as Selina Kyle, a street thief under the alias Catwoman. Unlike other Catwoman characters, Bicondova’s is different as she portrays the younger version of Catwoman alongside David Mazouz as the younger version of Bruce Wayne .

Unfortunately, her formidable display of cat moves were out of sight in the fifth season and final episode of Gotham as she passed down the torch to Lee Simmons who played the character 10 years into the future.

Looking at how the Catwoman character has been formidably acted by a number of women, I anxiously await Zoe Kravitz’s take on it. One can only hope that her display is as outstanding as the others have been.


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Zoe Kravitz Is The New Catwoman 1

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