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Yet Another 24 Prequel TV Show Coming Soon from Fox

A 24 prequel TV series is under development at FOX which will focus on the life of popular counter-terrorist (CTU) agent Jack Bauer‘s origin story.

Fox TV Group chairman and CEO Dana Walden revealed that former 24 executive showrunner Howard Gordon is working with the original creators of the 24 series (from 2001), Joel Surnow and Bob Cochran on a possible concept for the show.

The Fox network, 20th Century Fox and Imagine TV’s Brian Grazer and Gordon have been discussing new ideas for a 24 series ever since the end of 24: Legacy in 2017. The prequel is one of two 24 reboot ideas that are being developed, along with a legal thriller written by Gordon and Jeremy Doner.

The plan is to reboot a longer ongoing series unlike like limited series 24: Legacy (2017) and 24: Live Another Day (2014). Kiefer Sutherland will most likely not feature in the series since he had indicated that he might be done with playing the physically demanding role according to Deadline.

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It makes sense then that it would be much easier to bring back Jack Bauer as a much younger self to continue the action series. Fox might obviously keep the countdown clock since it is a prominent signature of the show and Bauer might be cast in a different government agency as well showing his personal life before his later role under the CTU.

Some fans are super excited about the prequel whereas some have very mixed reception to all the reboots and movies; 24 has 8 seasons each with 24 episodes and a movie, now a prequel and another potential upcoming legal thriller reboot. It might be “too much” but we will see.

The actual date when the series will debut is still unknown.

Doing prequels, sequels and series out of movies is becoming a thing lately such as Lethal Weapon, Training Day, Rush Hour, Taken (younger version of Liam Neeson’s character made by NBC and EuropaCorp), CBS’ Young Sheldon which shows the younger life of the character from Big Bang Theory created by Chuck Lorre and Steve Molaro, Prison Break, The X-Files, Heroes Reborn, Charmed, etc.

Are we running out of ideas or old is gold but repackaged to appeal to younger audiences, which are the largest consumers of TV today? Whatever it is, this is the age of reboots, prequels and movies – turned series.

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Yet Another 24 Prequel TV Show Coming Soon from Fox 1

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