A Spirit Possessed Girl Pounds Sailor to Pulp - Newslibre

A Spirit Possessed Girl Pounds Sailor to Pulp

So many of us have been in scenarios where we hear a story and just ask for another glass of water because well, we don’t buy the story. I remember back in school there were stories that would keep me seated on my bed looking over my shoulders till some sleep slapped right across my face. I recall this one time guys were talking about ‘Kakalabandas’, beings that are half-human and half-goat” then night dancers.

One morning a guy woke up with foot-mark of a goat on his cheek and I kid you not, I lost my shit. I started fearing kakalabandas to date.

We have all heard about those crazy girls from hell and up and until now most of you think this can’t happen or is a myth but there many stories out there like the one I’m about to share with you of a perfectly normal girl until she was not. This a real-life story, please read it and share with us your thoughts and experiences.

The story of a spirit possessed Samoa girl

Several years ago, I was living in a Navy barracks in Hawaii and had a roommate. My roommate got married one day, just a simple ceremony and after the wedding, he, his new wife and several of her friends came to our room so my roommate could change clothes and go to the reception. They all left except one girl who just wanted to stay and watch TV.

After a while, she started drinking vodka, straight, no big deal but then after a half bottle, she started going freaking nuts. She started attacking me and not in a sexual way. She was a big girl too, Samoan, probably had me by about 75 pounds. It was all I could do to keep her away and I couldn’t leave cause who knows what she might have done in the room by herself.

A Spirit Possessed Girl Pounds Sailor to Pulp - Newslibre
She started attacking me and not in a sexual way. She was a big girl too, Samoan, probably had me by about 75 pounds. (Image credit: Fight CLub11 by Grinch7 on DeviantArt)

It was like WWE in there,… bodies bouncing off the floor and the walls, furniture tossed about and clothes getting ripped up but sometimes she would get tired and stop. During one of these pauses, she called her sister in Samoa and handed me the phone.

Her sister told me that her sister had an evil spirit in her (yeah, about a fifth of Smirnoff) and that I needed to get it out. She said her sister had a mark on her left ankle and I need to cut it off and burn it.

Are you freakin kidding me?!

Can you imagine the headline the next day?

“Sailor Mutilates Local Girl In Barracks Exorcism!”

So I hung up on her and when it became apparent the voodoo wasn’t happening the Slammer from Samoa commenced to wailing on me again. Finally, I managed to get her pinned on the floor and called a buddy of mine with a free hand.

After he arrived we started to take her to my car and the plan was to take her home but my roommate and the others showed up and they took her instead. Funny thing she acted like nothing happened.

Over the next week, I watched my body change different colours as I had bruises all over. I looked like I had run naked through a paintball fight. What was most shocking though was where she had bit me on my arm. She had clamped on in only one spot but from my wrist to my elbow my arm turned purple then brown and yellow.

Like I said at the beginning, some of these stories sound weird and made up but until you read the experiences of others, you will never understand the reality of it.

This story was originally posted on Quora.com by John Locke a retired Sailor. Please feel free to visit the page and read his story.

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