TV Series Review: The Last Man Standing 1

TV Series Review: The Last Man Standing

Most if not everyone watches Tv series and why watch a Tv series or what many call shows if you’re not going to have a laugh about it or it’s not going to bring joy to you and Last Man Standing is just that.

Last man standing is a comedy show that centers around Mike Baxter a father to three beautiful daughters Kristie who gave birth at teenage age before joining college, Eve the last born who is also his favorite because of her love for sports so basically she is his “son” and finally Mandy the middle child.

The shows centers around the family affairs involving Baxter, his wife Vanessa, the three daughters and their grandchild who they all love adoringly.

TV Series Review: The Last Man Standing 2
Vanessa holds her husband’s mouth because he is always something silly and sarcastic (Image Credit: indiewire)

If you are a person who is into sitcoms then this show is absolutely everything that you are looking for because of how much the writers did everything possible to ensure that there is a joke in almost every single scene of the show.

Of course there is always a special lot that don’t want to be in a situation where they are watching a show and there are people laughing in the background, then this is definitely not the show for you. You can go watch Shameless or Orange is the New black among many other great shows.

Back to the Baxters, despite being a comedy show, it highlights a lot of family issues. For instance, the show talks about how family should support their children even when they get pregnant at an early.

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Eve in the blue navy army uniform has always been her father’s favorite. (Image Credit: people)

Mike the father, has a very good relationship with his last daughter Eve because of her love for sports, she has played soccer, American football and even golf. Much as this is a good thing, she constantly feels that she has to make him happy and live up to his expectations. Plus their relationship is something that his other two daughters are jealous of.

Mandy can be described as one who is not intellectually gifted but has passion for fashion and the family has done everything to support her. Of course her relationship with Kyle is one of the best in Tv shows because they are almost the same people.

One guarantee that I can give you now is that the show is very funny and already has close to seven seasons so definitely you can’t be bored.

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