Nicolas Cage's Face Off to get Reboot 1

Nicolas Cage’s Face Off to get Reboot

In a period where Hollywood seems to have dropped the ball on creativity, they are now set to reboot one of the most iconic movies of 1997 Face/off.

So many movies and Tv shows have recently gotten reboots and while some have succeeded, others have failed to have as big an impact like the first films did or still have in the industry.

Lion King which was recently done starring the likes of Beyonce, Daniel Glover among others has gone to succeed at the box office while Aladin by Will Smith did not have as a huge impact as the previous movie.

In the TV shows, we have seen how Prison Break has been on and off and not been able to meet the expectations of the viewers, Buffy the Vampire slayer and Veronica Mars are said to be already in production for the big reboots too.

Nicolas Cage's Face Off to get Reboot 2
The epic bio pic for many should have been left sacred but Hollywood is in the reboot phase. (Image Credit: Complex)

The original Face/off featured A listers John Travolta and Nicolas Cage. As a young kid, this movie was ultimately bonkers and Had me imagining how and with whom I was going to do a Face/off with.

Nicolas Cage together with John Travolta are believed to not be returning for the reboot of this massive film but then again, the two actors are already past their prime or are they?

The studio is set to shoot the film with an all new cast, and Deadline adds that Oren Uziel will pen the script.

As for the original, the idea sounded totally bonkers, but it ended up being a worthwhile watch in part because the two actors in lead roles were perfectly cast for such an insane premise.

Nicolas Cage's Face Off to get Reboot 3
The reboot will not feature both John Travolta and Nicolas Cage (Image Credit: movieweb)

In it, John Travolta plays an FBI agent consumed by an obsession to catch a terrorist played by Nicolas Cage, who also happened to kill his son. Travolta ends up getting facial transplant surgery to look like Cage for the sake of going to prison so he can learn where a bomb is and prevent it from blowing up.

At the same time Cage (who had been knocked into a coma) awakens and takes the face/voice/life of Travolta’s original character. Cage (as Travolta) then taunts Travolta (as Cage) by telling him that the surgeons who gave him his face have been killed and he’s now stuck looking like his least favorite person on the planet.

With such a mind blowing background to the film, one would think that whoever will be writing and appearing in the film will be under so much pressure to either live up to the billing or hit a serious touch down.

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Nicolas Cage's Face Off to get Reboot 4

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