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4 Amazing Parade Performance Ideas You Should Try Out This Season

From the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade to your local Christmas festival, parade performances are awe-inspiring, motivating, and extremely exciting to watch. Nothing compares to the thrill of watching colorful balloons made in the image of your favorite cartoon characters pass by as joyful music plays.

If you are planning your town’s next parade, here are four amazing parade performances you can include.

City Fire Engines, Rescue Vehicles, and Cool Cars

Everyone loves big red fire trucks, especially kids. Your local firemen will be proud to show off their brand-new tanker or historic engine in the next parade. Decorate the truck for the occasion and have the firemen wear their turnout gear and pass out candy.

Police cars, ambulances, and EMS vehicles can also be included in the parade to fill out the procession. Classic cars, motorcycles, golf carts, and farm equipment owned by civilians can be decorated and added to the line to make the parade longer.

Aerialists and Acrobats

You can hire a company like All Wheel Sports that offers aerialists entertainment productions and other exciting types of performances. Aerialist performances are captivating and colorful, and they make an excellent addition to any parade or festival. You can place the aerialists at the beginning of the parade for an awesome opening or put them at the end, so your parade goes out with a bang.

Local Bands and Musicians

Parades are the perfect opportunity for local musicians to come out and show off their skills. Whether your town has its own rock group or a stellar high school marching band, the next parade performance is the perfect place for them to share their music with the world. Some parades feature judges that score the performances as they walk by the stand. Everyone gets to enjoy multiple types of music, and the winner can be awarded a trophy.

Special Character Appearances

Santa Clause sits at the end of almost every Christmas parade procession, but you can incorporate any special character into your parade. The Easter Bunny, Mickey Mouse, Spongebob, Snoopy, and Spiderman are sure to put a smile on everyone’s face, but you can opt to include local mascots if that is more appropriate for your event. You can buy character balloons or have someone wear a costume to include these special guests in your lineup.


No matter what occasion you are celebrating, you can incorporate these amazing performances to make your next parade exciting and engaging for attendees young and old.


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4 Amazing Parade Performance Ideas You Should Try Out This Season 1

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