Goalkeeper Rekindles Old Pop-Punk Rock Vibes In New Album Reveal ‘I Wish I Met You Sooner’ - Newslibre

Goalkeeper Rekindles Old Pop-Punk Rock Vibes In New Album Reveal ‘I Wish I Met You Sooner’

Rock band, Goalkeeper ushered its fans into a new month with an explosive and nostalgic LP reveal titled, ‘I Wish I Met You Sooner’ that was released on October 28th via Lost Music Collective/The Orchard, which is produced by Kevin Mahoney (Hit The Lights, Polar Bear Club) and Nik Bruzzese (The Wonder Years, Handguns, Man Overboard).

Bringing forth what some describe as a 90s and early 2000s pop-punk vibe, Goalkeeper has undoubtedly outdone itself, giving fans a taste of that sweet, melodic, summer-filled sound that is distinguished by its punk-rock guitar riffs and fast-paced drum sounds.

“This is the most in-depth we’ve gone with a record. I am so happy with the songs we created and the team we worked with.” – Marc Juliano

I Wish I Met You Sooner carries a lot of depth and goes to show how hard the band worked on bringing the ten-track album to life – giving us a roller-coaster ride of emotions that often make you feel you’re back in the early summers of the 90s or 2000s when such sound felt so bliss and fun.

Having solid guitar riffs and fast-paced drum beats, Goalkeepers’ ‘I Wish I Met You Sooner’ album already holds a special place in the pop-punk category, up there with the greats like Neck Deep, Broadside and Real Friends, not forgetting the strong distinct vocals that brilliantly bring out the LP’s appeal.

Of course, the Pop-punk trio waste no time and hits you with a rush of adrenaline straight off with their number one album track Car Wreck, before sending you on another fun ride with Sooner and Talk About following next in that order. The album itself has so many memorable songs and being kinda new to the pop-punk scene, Goalkeeper as a band has surely earned a spot in our hearts.

There are definitely moments in the record where you might feel a little let down, especially when listening to songs like Notice Me and Half In Half Out which feel a little off the mark from the rest of the tracks but that shouldn’t distract you at all. The rest of the album will leave you jumping and dancing when you listen to other songs like Lost Reality (featuring Nik Bruzzese), Truth in a Fame, and Focus.

I Wish I Met You Sooner does its best to create a connection between the old and new punk-rock style while remaining true to its diverse creative sound adding on the lyrical content that reminds you of those wonderful connections and happy moments that leave you feeling warm inside. The Philadelphia trio has definitely lived up to the hype and you should definitely give their new album a listen.

Goalkeeper Returns to the Pop-punk Scene with a Nostalgic Album: I Wish I Met You Sooner

When opportunity knocks, Philly native’s Goalkeeper is the band answering the door. Ryan Beebe (Singer/Bassist), Marc Juliano (Guitarist), and Cody Ritchie (Drummer) came together at a critical point to create the perfect storm of melodic hooks & hard-hitting pure pop punk.

Finding inspiration in the expanding genre, Goalkeeper wants to prove they’re still new sounds to be heard and focuses on tight, genuine songwriting. Their music emphasizes a refined, vibrant sound influenced by early pop punk front runners, with lyrics that are fixated on introspective growth.

Goalkeeper has supported such bands as Alkaline Trio, Thrice, Bowling for Soup, State Champs, The Starting Line, Hit The Lights, Real Friends, Can’t Swim, With Confidence, and more. With their first LP “I Wish I Met You Sooner”, produced by Kevin Mahoney & Nik Bruzzese, the band shows no signs of slowing down on their way to taking over the pop-punk world.

Goalkeeper I Wish I Met You Sooner Album Review - Newslibre

I WISH I MET YOU SOONER is out now everywhere via Lost Music Collective/ The Orchard. For more updates from the band, check out their website.


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Goalkeeper Rekindles Old Pop-Punk Rock Vibes In New Album Reveal ‘I Wish I Met You Sooner’ 1

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