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Reach a Hand Uganda Hosts First-ever Performing Artists Conference

Reach A Hand Uganda has held the first ever Performing Artists Conference, a gathering that brought together over 60 artists, comedians and creatives to connect, network and learn.

The conference follows the adverse effects COVID-19 has had on the Uganda economy and the world over, including creatives. The Recent estimates by the Ministry of Gender and Social Development indicate that artists across the creative value chain in Uganda lost at least 150 billion Uganda Shillings in income for the first two months of the lockdown.

“COVID19 has had severe effects on the lives of our cultural icons and the performing arts sector in Uganda, greatly affecting their livelihoods. The ban on public gatherings has made it nearly impossible for artists to earn money during the lockdown.” Humphrey Nabimanya, the Founder & Team Leader of Reach A Hand Uganda mentioned.

Reach a Hand Uganda Hosts First-ever Performing Artists Conference - Newslibre
Mr. Humphrey the leader of Reach a Hand talking about why this conference has been very important.

Reach A Hand Uganda believes it is important for these artists to be equipped with knowledge and information on how they can enterprise and thrive amidst the pandemic or any other unprecedented events in the future.

“This is a very brilliant idea because, at this very moment, everyone is lost. This is the right time for artists to face their challenges and better themselves by listening to people who have made it in life. Performing Artists need to understand life outside the music industry because life goes beyond just music.” Reach A Hand Uganda Cultural Icon, Geosteady mentioned.

The Performing Artists Conference brought together over 60 musicians, artist managers, and other performers to discuss topics including financial management, intellectual property, personal branding and earning from Digital Distribution.

While at the conference, artists were advised by Mary Kainobwisho the Director of Intellectual Property Act Uganda Registration Services Bureau to register themselves so that they can protect their works.

Mr. Aly Alibhai also advised the artists to make the Dee Jays their biggest friends and to ensure that they keep them happy and close because they are the ones that will distribute their music and make it go places.

Reach a Hand Uganda Hosts First-ever Performing Artists Conference - Newslibre
Key players in the performing artists environment in Uganda shared their thoughts to the Artists in attendance.

Innocent Nahabwe insisted that in as much artists want to release a lot of music often, they should also try as much as possible to write music that they relate too. Even if they are using ghost writers, they should give them stories to work with because then, they will be pushed to share their stories wildly.

In addition, Uganda legend Ragga Dee advised his colleagues that they have to take charge of their craft and avoid being exploited by producers.

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