Review: Cherish The Day, An Amazing Story About the Path of Love - Newslibre

Review: Cherish The Day, An Amazing Story About the Path of Love

Ava Duvernay is back again showing audiences that she can run all the races with an anthology romantic series, “Cherish The Day”. Unlike the typical anthology series with different characters for a particular episode, Ava intends to portray different love stories for every season while retaining the tone of the show.

The first season of the series comprises 8 episodes that give us insight on the 5-year relationship between Gently James and Evan Fisher played by Xosha Roquemore and Alano Miller respectively.

Considering Ava’s past works like Queen Sugar, Selma, When They See Us among others, it will not come as a surprise that Cherish The Day is another showcase of Black Culture. With a reference to the Nigerian-British singer Sade’s Cherish the Day, we are taken on a journey of the typical hills and valleys of love.

Award-winning screen legend Cicely Tyson graces the screens with her presence as she takes on the role of Miss Luma Lee, a retired actress who is now under the care of Gently. Together, their inter-generational connection has Gently learned from Miss Luma’s fountain of knowledge during the lows in her relationship with Evan.

Review: Cherish The Day, An Amazing Story About the Path of Love - Newslibre
Ava Duvernay is known for her good storytelling and has worked on several hit TV shows.

As a caregiver for Miss Luma, Gently finds herself in a confrontation at the library as she fights tooth and nail to have Miss Luma’s fine waved off for returning books past the due date.

Amidst the mix-up, Evan intervenes offering to pay the fine but feisty Gently rejects his kind gesture. That moment is where the sparks begin to fly driving viewers through their Path of Love.

Gently and Evan’s relationship reveal their differences and how they struggle to blend them to have the model relationship.

Who is Gently?

A free-spirited soul filled with trust issues due to her strained relationship with her runaway mother, leading her to question anyone’s intentions. Behind her barriers, live fears and insecurities making it hard for her to be vulnerable. Regardless, she finds herself drawn to Evan whose intent is to bring down her barriers.

Xosha Roquemore embodies this role impressively, one could easily believe she lived in the “hood”. Her daring and vaulting performance will reaffirm or reestablish your sentiments on the less privileged.

Who is Evan?

Unlike Gently, Evan is a candid, ambitious and closely drawn to his black elite family. He graduated from Standford University, works a good job at a tech firm, drives a Tesla, and owns a beautiful apartment.

He’s the ideal man and his mother expects him to fall for a girl with similar traits. Well, that is not the case as Gently captures his attention.

Alano Miller will no doubt have the ladies blown away as his character is completely unselfish in the ways of love. As a well put man, Evan (Alano Miller) goes out of his way to fight for his relationship with Gently to maintain a straight path.

Towards the finale of Cherish The Day, we see Gently find her identity and decide to take a different path contrary to the supportive partner she has always been. This time she puts her needs before Evan’s and this stares up a rift between their love. Evan sees her self-identity as neglecting his emotional and physical needs.

Why you should watch Cherish The Day?

Review: Cherish The Day, An Amazing Story About the Path of Love - Newslibre
The chemistry between Gently and Evan is the major driving factor of the show. – Newslibre

The chemistry between Gently and Evan is striking and the mystery of whether their love story will end with a “happily ever after” will leave you anxious as for hopeless romantics rooting for a perfect ending.

Cherish The Day brings to action the everyday realities in most relationships and allows one to examine their self-worth and expectations when it comes to being in a relationship.


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Review: Cherish The Day, An Amazing Story About the Path of Love 1

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