Turn Your Visa Worst Nightmare Into Gold 1

Turn Your Visa Worst Nightmare Into Gold

For so many years, we have heard friends and family members crying about being denied visas to go to certain countries. For many, the thought was that this was only applicable to Europe, South or North America and Asia but certainly even on the continent some countries are tough.

A lot of young people and youth have been in scenarios where they have lost out on visiting some of the countries that they want to visit and have fun from while others have missed out on opportunities to go and study because of failing to get a visa.

Opportunities will always present themselves to youth in Africa and you will find that they will have almost if not everything that they need to be able to go and fulfill their dreams but then getting the Visa becomes a hurdle and many have gotten frustrated because of this.

It is because of this that #VisaFreeAfrica (VFA) recently introduced the 55 Voices for a Visa Free Africa (55Voices4Africa) writing competition, inviting all African youth to write and share stories about the challenges they faced with intra-continental travel but, most importantly getting visas to African countries.

Turn Your Visa Worst Nightmare Into Gold 2
Don’t let your worst nightmare just go to waste. Write down that story and win some cool money.

VFA is a global campaign to facilitate mobility in Africa driven by the Kigali Global Shapers in partnership with National Aviation Services (NAS), the fastest growing aviation services provider in the emerging markets.

Kigali Global Shapers, a community whose vision is to create a platform that engages with the youth to inspire innovation and change launched the writing competition to build further awareness on the importance of achieving a visa free Africa. This campaign will help put a face on a large number of young Africans with missed opportunities in areas of education, tourism, health and work among many sectors they would thrive in.

Well, it looks like there is gold at the end of the tunnel after all. All you have to do is write your experience in acquiring a visa to another African country or challenges with intra-continental travel and stand a chance to win over $1,500. This is definitely a golden opportunity.

The opportunity is open to African youth between the ages of 18 – 30 and stand a chance to win some great cash prizes. The deadline is 11:59PM GMT 15th April. The winners of the writing contest will be announced on the 30th of April.

So let’s get writing people.

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Turn Your Visa Worst Nightmare Into Gold 3

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