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Zoom Says It has Resolved Outage Experienced on Sunday

Having become one of the go to platforms for many who are having meetings online as a result of the lockdown because of Coronavirus world wide, Zoom had a major outage on Sunday.

Many customers worldwide reported not being able to join meetings, being kicked out of meetings, lack of audio or the video platform being off.

Social media was awash with users reporting they were experiencing problems with audio, video, admitting people into meetings or logging in themselves.

Zoom Resolves Outage Issues

Thousands of people have reported problems with the site since 9am, mainly in the UK, according to the website DownDetector. While in Kenya, a religious group reported that a porn site had played while they were in a meeting.

The tech company has not yet acknowledged the outage, which came as churches attempted to hold their Sunday services on the site, prompting one Twitter user to joke: “Looks like the church broke the internet.”

Zoom Says It has Resolved Outage Experienced on Sunday - Newslibre
So many have found Zoom as the preferred medium for meetings online. (Image Credit: Computerworld)

However, the company came out and made a public statement on many of their social media platforms indicating that their clients would be able to use the platform without anymore problems.

“Users should now be able to host, join, and participate in Meetings and Video Webinars if they restart their sessions. We will continue to assess this matter that impacted a subset of our users and monitor to ensure no further operational impact.” Said a statement from the company.

Overall Zoom usage has increased dramatically during the pandemic, and spotlighted the platform’s security issues, from “Zoombombing” by trolls to an issue with Zoom’s “Company Directory” setting that could leak user emails and photos.

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Zoom Says It has Resolved Outage Experienced on Sunday 1

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