Tusker Lite Brings Light to Uganda National Basketball League 1

Tusker Lite Brings Light to Uganda National Basketball League

With the Uganda National basketball league having started with no sponsors, the worry for many was that the league would be dealt into another phase of uncertainty where games would be rescheduled or even worse canceled.

The coming on board by the Tusker lite to the national basketball league only means that the the federation will now have funds to ensure that the league continues to run smoothly as they continue with the search for more sponsors to join the league.

New FUBA president Nasser and his team will take this as a major win for their administration as they continue to push to build a better a league in the country.

Tusker Lite come with a budget of UGX 300 million which will be distributed across three seasons over the next seasons starting with the current season. This means that each season, The Federation of Uganda Basketball association will have a budget of UGX 100 Million to run the league.

Tusker Lite Brings Light to Uganda National Basketball League 2
UBL’s Brand manager Cathy Tumwesigye said that it is a great feeling to be back to work with FUBA who have an interesting sport

For many on-lookers, this seems like peanuts but considering the fact that the league has struggled to have any sponsors over the years, this is a major leap to the right direction.

However, Uganda Breweries Limited’s (UBL) brand manager Cathy Tumwesigye believes that basketball is a very entertaining sport and that they are happy to be partnering with FUBA

The Sponsorship will see Tusker Lite who have previously sponsored the the National League Playoffs and the Friday Night Lights become the name sponsors to the league.

Tusker Lite have come into the game at the right time with many media houses now showcasing the game, it means that broadcasting of games live has become a thing but also this will help them reach more clients in terms of advertising.

Speaking to some fans, they wish to see how the funds will be used to support the clubs that are struggling financially and help them to be competitive in the league.

The cry is to now for the clubs to attract corporate sponsorship just like how Power have Betway and city Oilers have Cafe Javas, this would help many teams that are struggling financially.

Tusker Lite Brings Light to Uganda National Basketball League 3

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