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Star Trek Title For Jean-Luc Picard’s Spin-off Revealed

After months of referring to the Star Trek Picard spin-off as the Star Trek Picard spin-off, CBS has finally revealed the official name of the Stark Trek Picard spin-off.

So what is it called? Star Trek: The Future Generation? Star Trek: Destiny? Star Trek: Engage? No, it’s called Star Trek: Picard.

The title was announced at the CBS and CBS All Access Upfronts presentation, where they also revealed the first official still from the show: Sir Patrick Stewart wearing a jacket and a turtleneck.

Unfortunately, the still hasn’t been officially released yet so we can’t cover it without getting in trouble, but you’re really not missing out on much.

Sir Patrick’s The Next Generation co-star Jonathan Frakes will direct some episodes, while one of Discovery’s directors, Hanelle Culpepper, will oversee the first two. This will make her the first woman in the franchise’s 50+ year history to direct the launch of a Trek installment.

Frakes has previously said that the show is like a “10-episode movie”, while the main man himself has teased that it could run for at least three seasons.

Meanwhile, a UK broadcaster for the show has been announced. Unfortunately, unlike the rest of the franchise, Netflix is not that broadcaster.

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