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Toto Wolff To Quit Mercedes Petronas F1 Team

According to various reports, Mercedes Petronas F1 team principal Toto Wolff is set to step down as head of the team at the end of the 2020 season but will still see out the rest of the remainder of the season.

 Toto Wolff will announce his retirement as Mercedes team boss before the resumption of the 2020 season which is expected to start on the 5th of July. 

However, Wolff will allegedly continue to work for the team, but not in a team principal capacity. Wolff’s decision will have a major impact not only on The future of Mercedes as a team but also on the 2021 driver market.

Toto Wolff To Quit Mercedes Petronas F1 Team - Newslibre
Toto Wolff has been credited for doing an incredible job at Mercedes and helping guide the team to major success (Image Credit: Mercedes)

It is believed that the decision for Wolff to step down as the team principal at Mercedes is down to the fact that he and Daimler boss Ola Kallenius don’t see eye to eye which could have resulted in the Austrian stepping down.

What Could Wolff Leaving Mean for Hamilton?

Questions are now starting to arise about whether Lewis Hamilton will stick with the Mercedes team or he will move on to another team should his team Principal with whom he has a very good working relationship decide to step down.

Hamilton is yet to sign a new contract with Mercedes of which the new deal is poised to end at the end of the 2020 season which is still under suspension as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Toto Wolff To Quit Mercedes Petronas F1 Team - Newslibre
The departure of Wolff could cause uncertainty about the future of drivers Bottas and Hamilton (Image Credit: Daily Star)

The Austrian’s resignation also raises many questions on Mercedes’ future driver lineup. Several rumors suggested the German team had pressure from the higherups in Stuttgart. Apparently, Daimler is pushing for Sebastian Vettel to join the team in 2021.

Just recently, Wolff had indicated that a continuation of his operational function in the Mercedes team is questionable: “It is not just about whether I am now extending my contract as team manager, but also what we are going to do with this joint company we are discussing, “said the Austrian

As team principal, Wolff has led Mercedes from the front to every single Championship in the turbo-hybrid era. His departure from Mercedes could have some severe repercussions and might create a ripple effect just like when Sebastian Vettel left Ferrari just a few ago.

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Toto Wolff To Quit Mercedes Petronas F1 Team 1

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