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NBA Set for 31st July Return

According to The Athletic’s Shams Charania, the NBA has set July 31 as the target date for its return. This comes as the NBA’s plan to finish the season at Disney World takes shape, some of the specifics are coming into view.

That being said, this should give NBA roughly two more months to finish organizing its Disney proposal and get its players back up to speed physically with both individual workouts and a second training camp at practice facilities. Teams participating in whatever format the concluded regular season and playoffs take would then travel to Orlando and quarantine before basketball could begin again.

NBA Set for 31st July Return - Newslibre
The President of the NBA Players Association Chris Paul has played a major role in discussions for the return of NBA. (Image Credit: FanBuzz )

Starting games again so late in July poses a potential logistical problem for next season. If the NBA is to maintain a seven-game series format for the postseason, then at least two months will be needed for the playoffs to be held in earnest. If regular-season or play-in games are included as well, that could push the postseason into October which will affect when the new season will begin.

If next season were to begin on Christmas Day as many have speculated, that would give players less than three months off before games start again. Change of schedule for starting off the new season would ideally mean that the private time of the players will be affected.

NBA Set for 31st July Return - Newslibre
LA Lakers’ LeBron James and LA Clippers’ Kawhi Leonard chase the ball during an NBA basketball game between Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers, (Image Credit: AP)

However, there is no perfect solution here. Restarting this season too quickly would pose potential injury risks as well, especially given the intensity of playoff games. Jumping from months off directly into the postseason without adequate preparation is just as dangerous, so the NBA is attempting to balance all of those competing factors in setting a timeline. If that potentially means pushing the beginning of next season back further, then that is a pill the NBA will have to consider swallowing.

For the Milwaukee Bucks, LA Clippers, LA Lakers who had been tipped as the teams to win the new championships. The teams will be happy to note that they will be getting back into playing basketball.

For now, teams will be gearing up to resume personally and team training and two months should be sufficient time for them to get back in shape and start developing techniques for how to go after the title.

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