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Impis Rugby Club On A Branding Rampage

Sports in Uganda are generally lacking when it comes to branding and you can see the same problem when it comes to the club’s social media platforms too. Impis Rugby club has been one of those that seem like they are embracing the new culture.

Despite being very poor on the pitch, Impis are making tremendous strides when it comes to branding. They happen to be one of the few clubs with proper sporting attire ranging from training jerseys to home and away jerseys.

The Makerere University-based rugby club has been very vocal on social media creating enormous noise both on Facebook and Twitter. They became so loud that the old guard felt unsettled.

As is the case with social media in Uganda, the Impis fans who are quite vocal on Twitter and have been deemed hooligans with some even losing ability to access some places.

Impis designed branded items for it’s fans

The team from the top of the hill at Wandegeya has not held back when it comes to their drive on branding and just early this week, the club unveiled new merchandise that they hope will be hitting the market soon for their fans.

Impis Rugby Club On A Branding Rampage - Newslibre
The look of the t-shirt that fans of Impis will be wearing. (Image Credit: Impis)

The club is releasing branded T-shirts and Hoodies that will be sold to the club fans so that they can raise resources for the players and the normal running of activities.

Speaking to Edgar Wamala who is handling the element of branding within the club, says: “We want to make branded items that our fans can use to identify with us.”

“Already we have designed t-shirts and hoodies and we are hoping that these will be out in the market as soon as possible and after which, we shall brand hand sanitizers so that our fans can safeguard themselves from COVID19.”

Mr Wamala also highlights that the next step in their agenda is to begin the process of branding their players so as to create that aura of “celebrity.”

“We want to create social media platforms for the players and train them on how best to use the platforms,” said Wamala. He adds that there is “huge potential in marketing” that the players can tap in to.

While Impis is making significant progress in merchandise for the club and fans, some clubs are barely having a logo that they can be identified by.


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