Fantasy Premier League Nothing But a Mess in Game Week 2 1

Fantasy Premier League Nothing But a Mess in Game Week 2

Game week two was a rude awakening for almost every FPL manager in the world. After ripping big from the season’s opening game week where the highest points were 142 and the average 65, majority of the FPL managers were very over the moon and eager to encounter GW2 not knowing what was coming their way.

Game week 2 has suddenly awakened the Game of Thrones in the entire competition. However, one can’t go without noting that it’s like we are playing against gods. In game week, someone had captained Divork Origi and had Pukki in his team. That isn’t a coincidence, that is just pure sorcery.

Managers accumulated an average of 41 points for GW2 which is a clear indicator of how the bitter realities of this game have hit the managers. The low points gathered might have been by several reasons among which some will be talked about in this article.

GW2 was only blessed by two clean sheets from Everton taking on Watford and Sheffield United taking on Crystal Palace with both games ending 1-0 respectively.

Fantasy Premier League Nothing But a Mess in Game Week 2 2
Pukki has been a revelation in the English Premier League and is currently joint top scorer alongside Sterling

You’ll look into 100 teams and you’ll barely find 2 managers with Everton and Sheffield United defenders and Goalkeepers in their teams except for Lucas Digne who is a compound name. Managers mainly naming backlines from the other 18 teams, there were few points to gun down from the backline with a majority having an average of less than 20.

The Managers’ choices of whom they captained for GW2 was also a big setback in the points accumulation. Mostly Managers continued bidding loyalty to their top rewarding Captains from GW1 among which many did not turn up for the occasion and those who did not do with even half the energy they did with GW1. In addition to that, only the lucky managers managed to captain players from GW2 Dream Team, in turn, helping them salvage some high number of points.

Fantasy Premier League Nothing But a Mess in Game Week 2 3
Game week 2 was disastrous for many fans out there but let’s see what the experts had to say.

After widespread disaster-classes from GW2, GW3 is drawing closer at a very fast rate as many are still crying over the miseries from GW2. 

Managers are looking at making several changes to avoid hauntings from the ghosts of GW2. Managers will have to look at the Dream Team of GW2 with the fixtures lying ahead for these players. 

The notable names one should try to capture include Mane, De Bryune, Digne, Ceballos and Pukki, Aubameyang, Tony Martial will also be an important pick for your FPL teams since he is listed among midfielders in the System but plays as a forward at Manchester United.

Best of Luck during Game Week three

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Fantasy Premier League Nothing But a Mess in Game Week 2 4

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