Could Coach Edward Kaziba Be On His Way Out Of Villa Park? - Newslibre

Could Coach Edward Kaziba Be On His Way Out Of Villa Park?

Edward Kaziba may find himself out of the coach position at SC Villa as there are circulating reports stating that there are forces that are trying to force him out of the club. The people leading this are yet to be identified.

However, it is believed that the soft spoken coach has created division within the hierarchy at the club with some of the top managers wanting a change before the start of the new season.

Kaziba has been with SC Villa since the beginning of 2019 and after two seasons, it seems his tenure with the blues might be coming to an end.

Why could Edward Kaziba be fired?

According to inside sources, the decision to let go of Kaziba is down to performance of the club on the pitch. In the just concluded 2020/21 season, SC Villa have failed to collect points, and even perform better than they had hoped with the club finishing 10. This is far away from the competition pack that SC Villa expects to find themselves in.

In 2019, his side finished 3rd while their rivals SC Vipers and KCCA FC dominated the top spots of table. This season hasn’t worked out for Kaziba and his boys with all that has been happening in and around the club.

Could Coach Edward Kaziba Be On His Way Out Of Villa Park? - Newslibre
The management of SC Villa has not been happy with performance of the club. (Image Credit: Swift Sports)

In the 2020/21 season, the most successful club in Ugandan football history has found itself struggling within the mid table for the better part of the season and some leaders at the club are worried that things could get worse.

In order to prevent this from happening, there are suggestions that a change in the coaching staff could be the starting point for the club, which means the board may find itself looking else where for a replacement.

However, the manager has reiterated his desire to stay with Villa Park side and luckily, he has some support within the hierarchy and there is hope that he could be given another chance.

In July, reports had been circulating that Villa had planned to hand the manager a new contract but as things stand, the manager’s job is lying on balance.

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