20,000 Seater Capacity Stadium Being Constructed in Arua City - Newslibre

20,000 Seater Capacity Stadium Being Constructed in Arua City

As the need for sports infrastructure continues to rave on with the growth of many sporting disciplines in the nation, Arua City has joined hands with Development Infrastructure run by Jaffer A’ita Joel to construct a 20,000 seater stadium in Arua city.

The constructions of the stadium have been on-going since the lockdown and there has been a landmark made on the infrastructure that will host football, basketball, and netball as the need to have an international standard facility available for proper development of the stadia.

The Arua City council provided Joel and his team with a 49-year lease for them to construct a multipurpose stadium on the Pakwach Road. The stadium will have 10,000 sitting capacity and 10,000 standing capacity.

Because of the lessons learned in Uganda about sports facilities going to waste, Jaffer and his colleagues came up with a master plan of constructing apartments and shopping malls around the stadium to ensure that the expenses for the stadium are catered for without having to wait for sports events to happen.

20,000 Seater Capacity Stadium Being Constructed in Arua City - Newslibre
The Arua Hill Stadium will host many other businesses to ensure that there is income to keep the stadium maintained

“Very many stadia in Africa are dead. News reports once indicated how our great Nambole Stadium failed to pay electricity and water bills? Very sad. But not unique. Many times planners of these facilities only look at the architectural beauty not the business behind it, as a result, a nice beautiful structure is put in place but cannot be managed.” said Joel.

Auxiliary Businesses Have Been Put Up to Support the Arua Stadium

“Besides a beautifully designed and built facility, we’ve created business facilities. These will be the bloodline of the stadium. These facilities will ensure that the structure is 24/7 busy. They will ensure that the facility can be maintained and operational.” he added.

20,000 Seater Capacity Stadium Being Constructed in Arua City - Newslibre
The current developments on the Arua Hill Stadium as of date.

Once the construction of the stadium and the auxiliary facilities are done, the contractor will handover the stadium to Arua City Council while the constructors will retain control of the auxiliary facilities to regain the cost of investment that has been made. The same group has put up an estate where hundreds of locals have bought houses which will ideally help ensure that fans will be using the sports facilities.

Clubs like Onduparaka and Paidar Black Angels will be very excited about the developments seeing as they have had to all depend solely on the Greenlight stadium for their Uganda Premier League and FUFA Big League fixtures.

This facility will see football development and other sporting disciplines grow in Arua city plus all the neighbouring districts. This is a remarkable achievement for Uganda, a country that has been short on sports facilities in the wake of sports growth.

We have seen tremendous developments across the country with a stadium being constructed in Garuga, Entebbe that will also be a host to many sporting disciplines and will provide quality infrastructure for sports.


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