What Is the Role of Tech in the Fight Against HIV? 1

What Is the Role of Tech in the Fight Against HIV?

December is the month of festivities, celebration and togetherness. It is also the month in which we take a day off to think deeply about HIV.

World AIDS day which is also 1 December is the one day that was chosen for us to pause and think about what we are doing to end the effects of HIV while looking back at those we lost to the disease.

Over the years there have been strides in the fight against the deadly virus. Medical people have spent millions in dollars and man hours to develop anti retrovirals as well as more portable and fast working testing equipment for victims to weaken the virus while those that aren’t infected can know their status.

The media people have used almost all the avenues available to spread the message of HIV and it’s prevention. It appears that every sector that can hold an audience is using their platform to spread the message of HIV prevention, however there appears to be one sector that I feel is yet to join in on the struggle. This sector is mobile technology.

Mobile technology has become an inevitable branch of all innovation. When new user tech is invented, mobile compatibility is always key to capturing and keeping the users.

We have seen in the past that mobile technology has been used in the medical field to combat malaria among other diseases. This therefore begs the question, what is being done in the world of mobile technology to combat HIV?

Maybe someone somewhere in the world is working on an app that helps with testing or putting people in touch with medical personnel and information, maybe something even more specific. If there isn’t then I think it’s time we but to use the power of mobile technology to use in combating and possibly ending the spread of HIV. There are no limits to what technology can do and there is no limit to what we can innovate.

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What Is the Role of Tech in the Fight Against HIV? 2

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