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What Does the Future of Gaming Look Like?

Gaming has changed a lot in the last 5 years, some for the better and some for the worse but mostly for the better. Now that poses the question, what will the future of gaming look like in the next years?

That future has already started manifesting itself now, major gaming companies like Electronic Arts are shifting their innovation to online gaming and virtual reality.

The once silent and underdeveloped concept has grown into a bigger reality and the industry is now pushing it further to enable multiplayer, simulations and close to virtual reality experiences.

We have enjoyed online games such as chess, gambling, pool, detective and case solving puzzles that saw the rise of PC and later console online gaming.

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Online casinos have been taking the Internet by storm too, many people love playing poker, cue and other casino games in the comfort of their homes which has seen online casinos like Mansion Casino become popular in a short period of time.

It has been around since 2003 and has several online games like Poker & Blackjack, you can easily put some money on your account and go on with your gaming stress free.

Online gaming & virtual reality are the future and many are going to shift to it sooner than we expect

The beauty of online gaming is that everything is happening in real time at the click of a button, at the comfort of your PC or mobile device saving you the need to go say to Las Vegas just to have some fun. This can all even happen during your lunch break at work.

What Does the Future of Gaming Look Like? - Newslibre
What Does the Future of Gaming Look Like? – Newslibre (image credit: Max DeRoin)

Even major PC and console gaming companies aren’t taking online gaming too lightly. Take a look at EA Sports games, like FIFA and NBA which have added the core feature to play with other gamers around the world online.

You can even enjoy an entire season for a football league that is followed by other gaming enthusiasts online cheering for your win.

EA Games made Need For Speed Rivals, a game that was almost impossible to play without having a stable Internet connection and EA account, it is like they were sending a message that this is the future and we should all get ready for it.

It is not only EA, now even Xbox Microsoft’s console and PlayStation from Sony are very much online enabled. Sony even went ahead to add a feature to its PlayStation 3 and 4 to allow its customers to play old classic PS one and PS2 games online for free.

Other popular online games that can be played on PC are World of War Craft, Zelda, Clash of the Clans, League of Legends and No Man’s Sky.

These are games that fit in well with VR, since some are similar to a simulation, you for instance can build your own kingdom and army to defend your resources & wealth in games like War Craft. You can create and manage your own football team in FIFA as well.

This is very real life like, and that is what Virtual Reality is all about. That and of course your immersion into the experience of the gaming realities around you by using the new awesome VR devices like Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, HTC, LG, Playstation and Xbox.

Gaming is one of the most profitable ventures in the last decade, they have dedicated research and innovation divisions constantly coming up with new ways to entertain and improve the gaming experience. Expect more online and VR experiences at your convenience sooner than later.

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