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Cars, Why Cars?

Every week I Google Jeremy Clarkson, so as to read what new car wisdom he is spitting on The Sunday Times about the latest piece of car technology he has been driving to work.

Every week I read a Jeremy Clarkson review, and every week I learn something new. I even go as far as reading reviews he wrote in 2014 and it’s always thoroughgoing realism of what he thinks about the car.

Every week, I read what other car journalists think about that new 2017 BMW 530d Estate which Jeremy described as the best car in the world. And finally every week, I notice a new review technique that makes Jeremy the ‘King Solomon’ of everything car.

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2017 BMW 530d Estate

Equipped with this level of research, I’ve over the last year and half had my go at different cars. If you have a car and you are willing to trust me with it, I probably have driven it already. And I have an opinion of the car, the experience and how it compares with its immediate competition.

It’s at this point that I’ll brusquely put it out there for your future consideration; Mercedes Benz is my favorite car and car brand; Everything Mercedes.

Whenever a new car is making the Internet car fanatics lose their minds, I read a lot about that car. I research the improvements from the previous model, how it compares with the competition and in my own fanatic unseasoned way, I make a mental review. I grade it. And now, I’ll be writing those mental reviews. Even better, I’ll be documenting reviews of my friends and relatives cars and you can read all about them.

Oftentimes after my mental reviews are organized, I patiently wait for a Jeremy Clarkson review. When and if it comes, and we accurately share two opinions about that car, I know I am a step closer to achieving that coveted car journalist tag.

So why cars?

From an enthusiasts stand, the world has had great innovations. Airplanes, chocolate, iPhones, Game of Thrones, etc… But automotive technology remains the most genuinely mind blowing innovation, EVER!

I have researched Mercedes Benz, its heritage, its future, and this inescapably led me to reading about Ford as well. I attended this year’s Vintage Auto show at the Kampala Sheraton Hotel, to see vintage cars, but majorly to be in the presence of the almighty Ford Model T.

1927 Ford Model T

Through this research and extensive reading, I feel like I have and indeed I have visually (thank you YouTube) been part of the automobile revolution. I want to actively tribute and be part of that speed, safety, fuel efficiency and brilliant car designs and car technology evolution.

Watching hobbyists create a machine that would transform the world, and point it towards an age where some of the most remarkable car technology would be fostered, is as breathtaking as if someone handed you two sets of keys. One to your dream car. And the other, to the high gates of the holy ground that is the Nürburgring. And a full tank of gas.


And that is why cars, they are truly fascinating. The tech, the engine noise, the speed… it is literally the only innovation that’s guaranteed to be miles ahead of it’s time with each production model.


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