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Mokacam – The World’s Smallest 4K Camera

As unbelievable as this may seem Mokacam just made a really small cute 4K camera. We couldn’t believe it either but when you check out the details for yourself you later come to understand that it’s not all just for show.

The camera uses Ultra-High Definition imaging technology with an integrated high definition microphone, a 152-degree wide-angle field of view topped off with a 16 mega-pixel sensor.

What we found most beautiful about the Mokacam is its very simple design, it looks so beautiful unlike others that either look so geeky or so bulky they scare even the non-techies away. You need not be a pro to use it.

The battery is also amazing and they’ve made this cool feature where you can just add another battery at the back so as to continue recording your 4K films uninterrupted.

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Mokacam – The World’s Smallest 4K Camera

Mokacam – The World’s Smallest 4K Camera - Newslibre

It also has an add on screen which could be awesome for selfies 😉 The Mokacam has motion detection, a magnetic mount, can record HD (1920 x 1080) alongside the 4K (4096 x 2160).

The camera is developed by a team of mostly Chinese experts Raymond Wang, Shuo Yang, Bruce Chen, Yi Ding, Josen Wang and James Gao all masters in their fields such aeronatics, networking, technology, mechanics.

Convinced yet? You can more technical or preorder for one through the developing team’s crowd funding page.

Mokacam – The World’s Smallest 4K Camera 1

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