Tech Review: Unboxing the Tecno Camon 15 - Newslibre

Tech Review: Unboxing the Tecno Camon 15

In June, mobile phone giant Tecno unveiled a new member of their Camon flagship, the TECNO Camon 15 which is the successor to last year’s Camon 12. Just like all the Camon’s, the 15 is pretty much about the camera with few incredible additions in the tech side while some have returned, clients will also notice that a few have been removed.

The Camon 15 offers some impressive technological upgrades, and given its price tag, it will definitely see many of the users rushing for it. Tecno Uganda gave us a chance to test out their new entry phone and see what makes it tick. Here’s what we found;

The Camon 15 Design

On the front, one will notice that instead of going with the normal selfie camera in the middle of the display, Tecno has chosen to put it on the left-hand corner, this, however, doesn’t apply to the Camon 15 Pro and Premier which have a pop-up selfie camera hence allowing you the user to have maximum use of your screen.

At 6.6 inches, and with the camera built at the back, the Camon 15 is a little heavier as compared to all the predecessors that were slim and light. The phone retains its Sim card and SD storage slot on the left side while the phone buttons all remain on the right side.

Tech Review: Unboxing the Tecno Camon 15 - Newslibre
Tecno Camon 15.

Camon 15 Camera

Arguably the biggest selling point of the phone, all the different models come with a better camera with the Camon 15 Premier carrying a 64Mega Pixels, which is good as per the current market standards.

If you are using the normal Camon 15 and Camon 15 Air, you will notice that you have up to 48 Mega Pixels for the back while the Selfie Camera carries up to 16 Mega Pixels, again, this is awesome.

The difference that the Camon 15 Pro and the Premier have on the rest is that they have the Pro Camera settings, which if you know how to play around with such as the ISO and focus, this would allow you to capture photos the way you want without much need of the editing.

Tech Review: Unboxing the Tecno Camon 15 - Newslibre

Interestingly, the photos captured using the Camon 15 have more detail to them. If you took a photo in the dark, it has the ability to draw more light from within the surrounding and if you are taking pictures from outside, the AI inbuilt within the camera can reduce the lighting so that you can capture photos with all details without them being so light.

Tech Review: Unboxing the Tecno Camon 15 - Newslibre
The Premier model has a pop-up selfie camera which the base models don’t have.

So, for those who love taking photos, I would highly recommend the Camon 15 and if you know how to use pro settings then go for the Camon 15 Pro and Premier.

The Display

This phone comes with a 6.6 HD+ display at 720*1600,  which means that one can watch movies on this phone without worrying about the picture quality, and play high-resolution video games.

Of course, if you want to play the high definition videos or games that require higher specs, you might experience some lag while doing so depending on what app or video file you’re running. However, the phone can handle most heavy apps and games such as Cover Fire, Call of Duty Online and much more.


Tech Review: Unboxing the Tecno Camon 15 - Newslibre
This phone comes with a 6.6 HD+ display at 720*1600.


The Camon 15 comes TECNO’s own HiOS 6 with the Android 10. The device comes with 64GB of ROM space and 4GB of RAM which gives it good speed for those who love to explore many different aspects.

The device also operates on a 2.0GHz Quad-core A-53 processor, running on a MediaTek Helio P22 Chipset, and a PowerVR GE8320 GPU which offers speedy performance and edge. The application transitions are smooth both for normal operation and gaming.

However, if you’re not comfortable with the storage space given to you, you can always use the USB Micro-SD slot to expand it to something bigger or opt-in for the Camon 15 Premier, which comes with 128GB of ROM and 6GB of RAM.


With over 5000mAh, the Camon 15 meets the demands of the current generation where the camera should be good but the battery should be equally good. With 5000mAh, one can use the phone the entire day and still be able to have enough for tomorrow morning till probably 11 AM or Midday depending on how aggressive you are with your phone.

If you’re a power user and spend a lot of time online and gaming, then the battery could be able to last you a decent 8 to 10 hours max before it goes into power save mode.

Spec sheet

Tech Review: Unboxing the Tecno Camon 15 - Newslibre

Price UGX 688,000 – 750,000
OS Android 10 with HiOS 6.0
Display 6.6″ Dot-in (720*1600)
CPU  2.0GHz Quad-core A-53, MediaTek Helio P22
Storage 64GB ROM
Camera 48MP Quad Rear Camera with Quad Flash, 16MP Front Camera with Dual Flash
Battery 5,000mAh
Weight NA

What we loved about the Tecno Camon 15

1. Smart panel: We liked the fact Tecno brought the Smart panel feature on to the new device which makes it easy to navigate a few apps depending on which ones you choose to add onto there.

2. Digital Wellbeing: Just like most Android smartphones today, they all come with the digital wellbeing feature added and we loved that Tecno did so in their latest Camon. The feature itself allows users to take lead and charge of their physical and mental health by helping them reduce the amount of time they spend on their devices.

3. A good display: The display of the phone is certainly good and considering how much you would be paying for, it’s worth it.

4. Parental Control features: The Parental Control feature is something that we are also happy with because you can now keep your children away from some of your private apps and information easily.

5. Social Turbo: We liked the Social Turbo feature which helps users to get notified about potential WhatsApp calls, it also allows you to save images and videos from WhatsApp statuses without bugging their friends with “Please send” all the time.

6. Various Modes: The Game mode, WhatsApp mode, and bike mode are certainly interesting additions to the features of the phone. The Game mode offers a better experience for gamers in particular, while the WhatsApp mode stops all other apps from sending notifications focusing only on WhatsApp.

The Bike mode, on the other hand, helps the rider stay focused on his journey while riding a bicycle or a motorbike by keeping most notifications and other distractions from apps from getting through. Its basically like an Airplane mode feature.

7. Dark Theme: The Camon 15 comes with a default dark theme feature which also applies to most apps as long they support it. It’s also easy to activate since it’s on the phone’s notification panel without needing to do it via apps.

Tech Review: Unboxing the Tecno Camon 15 - Newslibre
The Camon 15 comes with a default dark theme feature which also applies to most apps as long they support it. (Photo/Tecno)

The Not so impressive

1. The battery takes long to charge: The battery takes a little longer to charge which is something we hoped they could have changed in the new Camon series. There are still improvements needed when it comes to fast charging.

2. Too much bloatware: The Camon 15 also comes with bloatware like all the Tecno phones but the beauty is that you can uninstall the majority of those apps, which gives you more space and peace of mind.

3. Better screen panel: The display could have been better and would have needed a little bit of improvement since the phone costs a little more. Based on the current standards, Tecno should borrow a leaf from competition like Samsung, who have tried their best to ensure all their gadgets have the best panels.


Our experience with the Camon 15 was good despite a few let downs, and we recommend it for the photo lovers and those looking for something with powerful specs. You can get the TECNO Camon 15 from any TECNO branded shop or MTN Service centre at a retail price of UGX 688,000 though some retailers have it at UGX 750,000.

As for the other models, the Camon 15 Air is valued at around UGX 550,000 – 600,000, the Pro at UGX 850,000 – 900,000, and lastly the Premier at UGX 950,000 – 1,150,000.


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Tech Review: Unboxing the Tecno Camon 15 1

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