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Mission: Impossible 7 Suffers Major Setback In England During Filming

Mission: Impossible 7 has yet again suffered a serious setback during production in England, and now everything is stalled at the moment due to an accident that happened on set while filming.

According to reports, Mission: Impossible 7 production was stalled due to a motorbike accident in England. The motorbike exploded while a stunt was being performed off-a high ramp. The accident followed six weeks of planning and was said to be highly expensive and complicated to put together.

The expensive stunt has now caused the entire production to be put on hold as they investigate to find out what went wrong on set. The Tom Cruise film now faces yet another setback which could only delay it further.

The stuntman who performed the stunt is said to be okay after he safely landed on the bed of the cardboard-padded pillows as planned during shooting of the scene at Oxfordshire. However, the high-flying stunt resulted in the motorbike bursting into flames after the cardboard padding sparked with the heat and friction of the tires.

The misfortunate event led to a fire that created so much smoke that a neighbouring airfield had to be closed down. Five fire service engines were dispatched during the Tuesday incident. The unnamed source who spoke with The Sun added the following:

“Fortunately, nobody was hurt but it’s a total catastrophe, not to mention extremely expensive for all concerned. Tom is very frustrated. Nobody wants more delays.”

Tom Cruise and his team had rented a piece of land in Oxfordshire so as to prepare for the expensive motorbike stunt but things didn’t go as planned. According to reports, the 58-year-old actor is not happy about the incident and very ‘furious’.

The action film has already been through four months of delay due to the current health crisis and is hoping to wrap up production this September in Venice, Italy.

The motorbike accident will only delay the production of Mission Impossible 7 further

Apart from the recent motorbike accident, Mission: Impossible 7 has had a string of bad luck in these past months with the production of the movie being put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic which struck Venice, where they were stationed for filming back in March.

The theatrical date release, which was June 2021, was delayed and set to November 2021 after the pandemic devastated Venice. The film was later given special permission by the U.K. government to resume shooting without 14-day quarantine rules but now the recent incident has only complicated things.

The movie is reportedly implementing a “bubble” of trailers on set for its cast and crew in order to maintain safety during the pandemic. At this point in time, every day has to count for Mission: Impossible 7, and the incident is an understandably frustrating extra delay for the film.

There are also plans to move the production to pack up to Poland in the near future and potentially blow up an actual bridge as part of one of the film’s huge set pieces.

Along with the return of Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt, Mission: Impossible 7 will also star Rebecca Ferguson, Simon Pegg, Ving Rhames, Vanessa Kirby, Hayley Atwell, Pom Klementieff, Henry Czerny and Shea Whigham. M:I7 is currently expected to come out on November 19, 2021, and the eighth film is scheduled for November 4, 2022. Stay here on CinemaBlend for more Mission: Impossible updates.

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