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Softorino’s Folder Colorizer 2 Makes Organising Fun and Neat

After weeks of trying out Softorino’s Folder Colorizer 2, organisation of work folders and colour coding them to make things easy to identify has been a joyful experience.

Folder Colorizer prides itself on being a simple solution that helps you brighten up your folders, and that is definitely true. Not only is it easy to use but also quick to install with little minimal effort.

This review of Folder Colorizer 2 was done on Windows 7 at the time of writing this article under a universal license which is an all‑in‑one subscription that bundles ten Softorino apps in one universal activation key. However, it should be noted that the application is available on other operating systems like Apple Mac and Windows 8/10 and 11 too.

Where it started for Folder Colorizer

Originally introduced in 2011 by Softorino, the simple utility software has amassed over 5 million downloads since then. The application offers a straightforward user experience and the ability to change folder colours in one click as if it’s pre-built into the system.

Softorino recently introduced the 2nd iteration of its critically-acclaimed utility software, improving on the previous design and making it even more efficient and easy to use in a wholesome revamped experience which has set a new bar when it comes to compact Windows Utility Software.

What we loved about Folder Colorizer 2

Once you have installed Folder Colorizer 2, which is easy to do in a few clicks. You will be immediately given the option to change folder colours with just in 1-click while choosing from a wide selection of colours.

The application works smoothly like its part of the operating system itself. It doesn’t put a strain on any of the PC’s resources and quickly operates out of the box as it is intended to. The user interface is easy to navigate and you’re given a variety of colours to choose from.

Softorino’s Folder Colorizer 2 Makes Organising Fan and Neat - Newslibre

All you have to do is right-click on any folder and choose the Colorize option in the drop-down menu selection to either access the already pre-set colours or you can completely choose a different colour based on your liking.

Softorino’s Folder Colorizer 2 Makes Organising Fan and Neat - Newslibre


Colour selection

Talking about colours, Folder Colorizer 2 comes with the option to choose a multitude of different colour options giving you access to over 16 million colours. Its built-in colour editor also includes support for HEX colour codes and it is so easy to use.

With 16 million distinct colours to choose from, you have the option of applying a personal touch to your folder colours using the Colour Editor option and once you’re done, you can add that personal selection to the “Add color to Library” so that you can access it any time you want.

Aside from that, labelling your folders with different colours helps you stay organised as you are able to identify what you need quickly without spending long periods of time browsing folders with a plain yellow look.

Folder Colorizer 2 also gives you the option of creating your own custom shade and even naming it yourself in a matter of seconds, something we definitely loved about the software.

Softorino’s Folder Colorizer 2 Makes Organising Fan and Neat - Newslibre
The application offers a multitude selection of colours to choose from including custom ones too.

A few glitches here and there

While using the software, we noticed a few glitches, especially in Windows 7, where at times the colour changes took a while to effect not until you refreshed the window. The same also applies to scenarios where you’re using a custom-made Windows 7 theme, which tends to interfere with how the software works at times.

However, if you apply the folder colour changes while using any default Windows 7 theme, switching back to a customised theme won’t affect those changes. Your customised colour folders will remain intact without much of a glitch.


Folder Colorizer 2 is definitely worth having, and we highly recommend it for anyone that is looking for a way to organise their folders and bring a fun experience to their work life. It is easy to use, has a simple user interface and doesn’t affect system performance in any way.

You can download the application today from Softorino’s website for free or opt-in for their universal license that offers an all‑in‑one subscription that bundles other amazing ten apps.


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Softorino’s Folder Colorizer 2 Makes Organising Fun and Neat 1

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